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2014 NFL Draft Order: Order set for entire 2014 draft; Houston No.1, Lions No.10

Who will go No. in the 2014 NFL Draft?
Who will go No. in the 2014 NFL Draft?
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With Super Bowl 48 in the rear view mirror, the next step for NFL fans already waiting the 2014 NFL season is the upcoming NFL Draft.

According to a Denver update on Feb. 3, the draft rounds have been officially set following yesterday's Super Bowl. Denver will select 32 overall in the first round following their Super Bowl loss to Seattle. The Seahawks will get the final pick of round one as they are the new champions of the football world.

St. Louis will draft second, followed by Jacksonville, Cleveland and Oakland to round out the top five.

The Detroit Lions will have the No. 10 overall selection, and it will be the first pick under the new coaching squad led by Jim Caldwell's staff.

With the off season staring NFL fans right in the face, the millions of questions for every team are starting to popup.

Will the Texans listen to their fans and take Johnny Manziel with the No. 1 pick or go with QB Teddy Bridgewater from Louisville?

Who will draft DE Jadeveon Clowney from South Carolina?

Should the Lions draft a DB or a WR?

The questions are endless. The 2014 NFL Draft is scheduled to take place Thursday, May 8 and run through the 10th.

Here is a look at the first round draft order. You can click here to see the entire draft order for each round.

2014 NFL Draft Order

Round 1

1. Houston (2-14)
2. St. Louis - from Washington (3-13)
3. Jacksonville (4-12)
4. Cleveland (4-12)
5. Oakland (4-12)
6. Atlanta (4-12)
7. Tampa Bay (4-12)
8. Minnesota (5-10-1)
9. Buffalo (6-10)
10. Detroit (7-9)
11. Tennessee (7-9)
12. New York Giants (7-9)
13. St. Louis (7-9)
14. Chicago (8-8)
15. Pittsburgh (8-8)
16. Dallas (8-8)
17. Baltimore (8-8)
18. New York Jets (8-8)
19. Miami (8-8)
20. Arizona (10-6)
21. Green Bay (8-7-1)
22. Philadelphia (10-6)
23. Kansas City (11-5)
24. Cincinnati (11-5)
25. San Diego (9-7)
26. Cleveland - from Indianapolis (11-5)
27. New Orleans (11-5)
28. Carolina (12-4)
29. New England (12-4)
30. San Francisco (12-4)
31. Denver (13-3)
32. Seattle (13-3)

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