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2014 NFL Draft: Dallas Cowboys - the reasonable, sexy, or comfortable pick

Today is the day Dallas Cowboys fans have been waiting for - 2014 NFL Draft.

Johnny Manziel
Johnny ManzielPhoto by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
Johnny Manziel would be a huge mistake for the Cowboys to draft.
Johnny Manziel would be a huge mistake for the Cowboys to draft.Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

When you think Cowboys and "needs", and if there was a way to draft head coaches and defensive coordinators in the draft, I know most Cowboys fans would be foaming at the mouth to see who would be available. However, it is the players today in the first round that get on their way tonight at 7pm CST.

Looking at some “needs” for the Cowboys at that #16, will they go for that “reasonable pick” as they enter this draft? There is no question the Cowboys need to replace DeMarcus Ware. Say what you want about Ware’s value, or his talent depleting, there is a gaping hole at DE. He was a huge loss and the priority I would have to think is DE.

But with needs in the secondary for a safety, and this draft has a good array of people to pick from they could go safety, but that pick would not be “sexy enough” for the first round, in my humble opinion. They may just wait and see what the pickings would be in the second round at #47. The also need help at DT because of the departure of Jason Hatcher. Linebacker will also be something they need to work on.

But while writing this, I keep going back to the fact that Rob Ryan was the "problem" and they used him as a scapegoat. Ryan however, seemed to be the only one to get something out of these mediocre players on the defensive side of the ball, even with the multiple injuries, and jigsaw puzzle of a defensive players no one expected to be playing for the Cowboys. Oh well what do I know.

What I do know is, the Cowboys love the “sexy pick”. And without question the sexy pick for need would be Jadeveon Clowney, but would the Cowboys pull the trigger on trading up to get him if he falls, and is not taken #1? So far no one is predicting that. So Sexy? Who would be sexy enough? Do we have to think real hard? For Cowboys fans, I hate the move that has been whispering around as of late of Johnny Manziel the main target for the Cowboys. Now let’s be honest, we all know there are many rumors purposely put out to divert attention away from certain players when it comes to the players in the NFL Draft. Everybody wants everyone. But when it comes to Manziel, the Cowboys are going to have to make the decision about what they want their image to be. I do not think they want it to be a guy who is consistently in the news about doing this or that. The Cowboys have enough image problems to try and change when it comes to that, because of the situation with Josh Brent that they are quietly trying to move away from. Manziel's maturity, and with the resent bad acts by former Cowboys, it just makes Manziel to risky of a pick when it comes to the first round. Never mind how much money is wrapped up in Tony Romo.

The "wild card" in all of that, is one Jerry Jones. When it comes to Jones, the word “unpredictable” comes to mind. And I think Jones THINKS he wields a lot of influence over the players, and all it would take is (in a Jerry Jones voice) “just a little meeting with the young man”. Jones wields influence, as much my kids think I am cool. In other words (Buzz sound) notta.

So it is very easy to say, there is no real good indication on what the Cowboys will do.

But what should the Cowboys do? It seems to me, they have to go defense here, but there is always that “comfortable pick”. I also think that the value of an offensive lineman could be a “comfortable pick”, but will the fans like that? Would a Zack Martin OT out of Notre Dame or Jake Matthews OT out of Texas A&M be a good pick. I think it would be. Then the next question comes up as far as what the fans will like. Jerry Jones has made it abundantly clear, he does not care what the fans want.

So when it comes to tonight and the 16th pick - your guess is as good as mine.

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