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2014 New York International Auto Show: #NYIAS

The 2015 50th Anniversary Ford Mustang
The 2015 50th Anniversary Ford Mustang
Fredric Tan

Running from April 18-27, car fans and enthusiasts from all walks of life experienced the latest and greatest in the automotive world. The Jacob Javits Center was jam packed on April 26, and produced a sensation akin to children in a candy store – only, we weren’t buying anything – but the eye candy sure was sweet.

The new C7 Corvette Stingray Badge
Fredric Tan

Sports cars to pickup trucks, domestics to imports – everything was there. The Jeep ride out front was deceptively impressive: the 30 degree tilt didn’t seem like much, but when slogging through it, felt like the four-wheelers were going to tip over! Likewise, the 30 degree climb/descent and log crossing really proved the Jeeps’ mettle. Kudos to Jeep for an enjoyable experience and complimentary bag, the latter of which was extremely practical and the best free bag distributed, hands down. (Five separate people asked about it, too.)

Chevy’s display was extensive and featured several beautiful C7 Corvette Stingrays (a personal favorite) and a couple new Camaros, including the new Z/28. Not to be outdone, rival Ford pulled out all the stops with their 50th Anniversary Mustang, a striking and controversial iteration of the beloved pony car. Of course, the muscle car party would not be complete without Dodge’s Challenger. The upcoming one looks great, with its revised split grille and mirrored divided taillights.

Toyota wowed the crowd with their bright red FT-1 concept car, possibly a preview to the next Supra (let’s hope so). Their Lexus division exhibited a couple of slick RC coupes. “RC” stands for “radical coupe,” and after seeing it, is a very appropriate moniker. And Subaru’s newest STI sedan proved mighty popular.

Volkswagen’s Mk7 Golfs (R, GTI, and standard) looked great in the flesh. BMW’s 4-Series Coupe, as the 3-Series Coupe replacement, was stunning. And Kia pleased the crowd with their Stinger GT concept car. A rear drive brawny coupe? Bring it on!

The cars were the stars of the show, but what made this year’s NYIAS particularly memorable were the interactive stations. Toyota hosted a personalized Rubik’s Cube maker, where your silly pictures were turned into take-home mind twisters. Scion featured a computer/vending machine that prompted participants to take a picture in their gallery and tag it on Instagram; afterward, you could tap your Android phone against the contraption via NFC (near field communication) for a prize. And Chevy had a blue screen video recorder that made you and your buddies look like idiots. Plus, you had the option of posting it to Facebook for some “likes” and posterity. Social media made its presence clearly known at the show – truly a sign of the times.

At the end of the day, the 2014 NYIAS was a daytrip worth taking. It’s best to bring or meet up with friends and spend hours scoping out all the rides, hopping into some, snapping photos, and enjoying the various kiosks. Thanks for the good time and memories, NYIAS. See you around the hairpin! :)

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