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2014: New York Fashion Week debuts technology marketing

New York Fashion Week captures technology driven marketing
Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Reported yesterday Feb. 10, New York Fashion Week strikes a pose with technology and marketing. Such mixes have created a fashion-buzz about who the designer has paired with for B2B marketing. Each year designers are thinking beyond the clothes, and more how to pair their wearables with the latest technology trends.

"There's a push to closely align technology with fashion," said Senior Editor of Digital Media and Marketing at WGSN, Rachel Arthur.

No longer is the fashion show just about the beautiful models and their perfect designer clothes, accessories and makeup, NYFW is becoming an event showcasing top designer threads with premium marketing partnerships. It seems the Winter Olympics in Sochi has nothing on NYFW in February. Sure the Winter Olympics have fashion designed clothes that are always talked about, but NYFW designers secure a back-tack to their brands, which secures not just creative style, but a technological style.

Talk about marketing pairing -- according to Advertising Age, Swarovski has partnered with Samsung to create a “crystal-encrusted cover for Galaxy Note 3” and for a $299 purchase, it will buy a fashion-forward Galaxy Note 3 cover that matches a Swarovski covered bracelet. This bundle is limited and available at Fifth Avenue.

The fashion fun doesn’t stop with crystals on Galaxy Note covers, the company is also hosting a “Galaxy Lounge” in the lobby where NYFW is held. Fashion designers and important people can hang-out in a blinged out style during the show.

Of course a techno-fashion-savvy show wouldn’t be really technical if Google wasn’t there. Tory Burch Chief Marketing Officer, Miki Berardelli said Google’s Lightbox was a perfect fit with their fashion designs.

Tory Burch and Google paired up to make sure Google’s Lightbox can stream live video of their show, to as many loyal brand lovers as possible. Google’s Industry Director, Brian Zueg, said it is very important to have an online setup ready so they can have the full experiences of such an iconic show. Last year Google Glass became a fashion trend, showcased on the famous cat-walk.

As the NYFW calendar continues to become booked solid each year, adding more designers, each one must start thinking out-of-the-box to keep their brands moving forward using B2B marketing strategies.

Looks like technology has secured a gig at one of the hottest fashion shows of the year.

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