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2014 MTV Movie Awards

2014 MTV Movie Awards
2014 MTV Movie Awards
2014 MTV Movie Awards

Conan O'Brien is the Host of tonight's ILLUSTRIOUS MTV Movie Awards. The Red Carpet is in full swing with stars from Miles Teller, Channing Tatum, and #50 Cameo appearances from some of Conan's favorite peeps. To name a few... Emma Watson, Shaun White, Willie Nelson, Taylor Swift, James Franco, Paul Rudd, Aziz, Skrillex, Demi Moore, Banksy, Tom Arnold, The entire cast of Big Bang Theory, Adam Scott, Katy Perry, Jack White, .. Grumpy Kitty and stars having selfies with puppies all dressed up the show.

The stage is electric, Conan walking out with a beat and the biggest Set design of Popcorn. The stage is Red surrounded by screaming fans, stars and Grumpy Cat... Fabulous.

Some of the CATEGORIES for the MTV Movie Awards are:

  1. movie of the year
  2. favorite character
  3. best male performance
  4. best female performance
  5. breakthrough performance
  6. best on-screen duo
  7. best shirtless performance
  8. best fight
  9. best kiss
  10. best villain
  11. best musical moment
  12. best comedic performance
  13. best on-screen transformation
  14. best cameo
  15. best hero

SPECIAL AWARDS of the night:

  1. mtv generation award
  2. mtv trailblazer award
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