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2014 is the summer of music, proven by numerous festivals and tours

2014 boasts one of the most prolific and impressive line-up of festivals and tours.
2014 boasts one of the most prolific and impressive line-up of festivals and tours.
Color Codes

2014 has proven to truly be the summer of music festivals and big name tours. The sheer quantity of festivals all over the country, matched with the quality of bills makes this summer a music fan's dream. Though Coachella, the Summer Jam and Governor's Ball have already come and gone, there are still many ways for music lovers, namely, hip-hop heads to get their fix.

Colorado is no different. Be it the new laws or simply the growing diversity, many touring acts are coming through to give Denver fans a taste. On Thursday at Lost Lake Lounge, Cage, Sadistik and Maulskull will start their 40+ show tour. Over 4th of July weekend, Southpark Music Festival will boast a diverse bill featuring Tech N9ne, The Grouch & Eligh, Colorado's own Pries and Flobots among many others. In August, fans can experience Dark Time Sunshine, Big J Beats and more at Summit Music Hall and see Run The Jewels and Outkast at Fiddler's Green. In September the one-of-a-kind tour featuring DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist playing Afrika Bambaataa's records will go down as well as a stop on Blockhead's tour.

A few hip-hop events that are of a smaller scale, but still cater to the heads at large are Colorado Crush, a graffiti and music celebration in Denver and Color Codes in Des Moines. These too niche events play up the artistic elements of hip-hop, showcasing graffiti writers rather than musicians.

Besides these amazing shows, there are new tours announced almost daily, so the summer of 2014 may just be that chance to see a favorite act. In the fall, other destination events like Life is Beautiful in Las Vegas, AC3 in Atlanta and ACL in Austin will give one last opportunity to keep the summer of festivals going.