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2014 Infiniti QX70: looks like a luxury coupe but performs like a sports sedan

2014 Infiniti QX70 3.7 AWD
2014 Infiniti QX70 3.7 AWD
- photo by ALAN GELL

I like Infiniti vehicles and when I was told I would have a new QX70 for an entire week of test-driving, I was thrilled. Infiniti may not be the most luxurious of cars, but they certainly drip with a lot of those features that make you go ‘Uh-huh.’ So what is a QX70? It is probably best described as an SUV hidden in a coupe-looking body with a sports sedan power plant under the hood.’

2014 Infiniti QX70 3.7 AWD
- photo by ALAN GELL

My test model was a 2014 model QX70 with a 3.7-liter V6 engine. That V6 could push out 325 horsepower, which told me it could really get-up-and-go if it wanted to do so. There was a 7-speed automatic transmission with Adaptive Shift Control, although manual shifting there for those who like it. The exterior color was a deep brownish-black called Midnight Mocha. Where do the designers get those names? Why can’t they simply say black, gray, silver, white, red, or blue? The interior was called Java.

This baby had so many features loaded on it; it is difficult to begin listing them. The exterior of this QX70 has a familiar look, probably because it is almost the same as the 2013 Infiniti FX models. The badging and name is new, but Infiniti still has their crossover wagon-utility-vehicle that is very performance inspired. Infiniti first introduced a sporty crossover in 2003, but it has been several years since the manufacturer performed any major design changes. This 2014 QX70 changes all that.

This ‘new’ QX70 might be called a utility vehicle but it is not really designed to go into the backwoods and tackle the rugged outdoors. Instead, all those luxury-premium features were loaded on it, a dynamic engine was put in it, and the exterior is very attractive. But, it can still carry a decent amount of cargo when necessary.

When you are sitting in the front seats, you have the sense of being in a sports sedan. It feels comfortable and inviting, especially with all the quilted leather and real wood trim. If you turn around and look at the back, you will then notice that there is a fairly tight back seat area, although adequate, and a fair-sized cargo space. It is not good, but definitely ‘fair.’ Although the roof line is high, the sides are curved inward and the cargo floor is high, both of which take room away from the ‘utility’ space.

My test model was outfitted with luxury vehicle items such as leather seats, a heated and power controlled seat for driver and passenger, fog lights, power sliding moonroof with tinted glass with tilt and a sliding sunshade, rear-area heating and cooling vents in the center console, powered lift gate, power folding and heated outside mirrors, and more. The technology aspects of the QX70 were enjoyed, such as the 7-inch color display, Bose sound system with 11 speakers, and a rear View monitor. The base MSRP was listed as $46,400.

Three ‘packages’ were added on to the coupe/sedan/utility/crossover called the 2014 QX70. The Technology Package added intelligent cruise control, lane departure warning, forward collision warning, intelligent brake assist, adaptive front lighting, and rain sensing wipers. This added $2,950. The Deluxe Touring Package added 20-inch aluminum alloy wheels (replacing the standard 18-inch 5-spoke wheels), quilted leather seating, Maple interior accents, aluminum pedals, and a tonneau cover – all for an additional $3,300. The Premium Package included a Navigation system, upgrade to an 8-inch display, Traffic & Weather info, restaurant guide, Around View monitor, moving object detection, in-dash CD player, reverse tilt-down outside mirrors, power tilt and telescopic steering column, and aluminum roof rails. This package added $4,300.

The 2014 QX70 is EPA mileage rated at 16 mpg city, 22 mpg highway, and 18 mpg average overall. For the week-long test drive, I personally averaged 20 mpg which included a lot of short in-town trips, but I also did not push the pedal down to the maximum when I was cruising on the highway. With the base price of $46,400, the three added packages, and destination charges of $995, the bottom sticker price topped out at $57,945.

Did I like this vehicle? Absolutely. Most definitely. The QX70 may not be the vehicle of choice to go deer hunting or an off-road adventure, what it does do, it does very well. It offers a luxury interior, sporty good looks, a smooth and comfortable ride, and adequate cargo capability.