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2014 Grammy's Didn't Fail to Disappoint

2014 Grammy's Didn't Fail to Disappoint

Daft Punk celebrate on stage at the 56th Grammy Awards at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.
Frederic J Brown/AFP/Getty Images


First let me say, I tuned in a few minutes late so I missed the first few performances. I did not see Beyonce and Jay-Z open the show. It looks like I missed Katy Perry as well but with the reviews I have heard about it sounds like I didn't miss much. The first thing I saw was Robin Thicke hurting a great performance by Chicago.

Keith Urban was up next. I love this guy, his guitar playing and his voice. I wasn't crazy about the lyrics in the song he was performing. "Found love in the backseat of a cop car?" How special is that and what a great message to our children, NOT.

I was not impressed with the John Legend tune and I noticed that he may have a lisp but in hindsight, his song and performance would prove to be in the top 5 of better performances for the night.

Loved, loved, loved seeing Paul & Ringo together again. That was such a touching moment and brought tears to my eyes as well as goose bumps on my arms. Sean Lennon looks a lot like his Dad and Yoko still looks like Yoko. Glad they didn't sing although I am not sure it would have been worse than what the viewers were subjected too as the show progressed.

While I normally have a tough time getting through a Taylor Swift performance without auto-tune (or maybe she was being auto-tuned) she sounded more in key than usual and the song was okay. Things were moving along fine with her until she started head banging which was totally distracting and weird. It really didn't belong in the performance and took away from the grace and femininity of the performance and song.

My favorite performance of the night was PINK! She is so graceful and her lung capacity is amazing. She can sing while doing those gymnastics and that is no easy feat. She is truly poetry in motion. The song, the performance, her voice, her solo that went into a duet with a costume change was top notch entertainment. She is one classy lady.

Ringo performed, "Photograph," and I really enjoyed it. Peter Frampton was on stage with him as well as Kenny Aronoff who has played drums for John Mellencamp, Bob Seger, Belinda Carlisle, Elton John, John Fogerty, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Meat Loaf. This was for me another highlight of the night.

There was some Rap/Rock performance which I didn't enjoy at all but the audience seemed to like it.

Kacey Musgraves did her Trailer song. I don't like the song and I really didn't care for her electric light up boots. I think they set back the fight for country music to gain more main stream acceptance back two decades. I am not saying she is not talented, I am just not a fan but lots of people are and lots of people like what she has to offer. She did win the Grammy for best country album and I haven't written a hit song so perhaps I am totally off base where she is concerned.

I absolutely LOVED the Pepsi commercial. That was a highlight of this Grammy show which is very telling. I also like that they have instituted a New Award for Musical Educators. That is a wonderful thing.

It pains me to say this because I love country music and I love the old timers, but Willie, Kris, Merle and Blake were just plain bad. It was great to see them alive and breathing as we are losing so many of them so quickly lately. It seemed as though each one of them did not know what they were supposed to be doing including Blake and when they should be doing it. Why was Blake on stage at all, especially since we all know he does not have much use for what he refers to as, old farts and jackasses." My feeling on that segment is when you are going to appear on the Grammy's representing a genre, it is always a good thing to have a rehearsal or two. I

don't think they rehearsed and I would be surprised to learn if they had even discussed what they were going to do before going out there and doing it. You could see that the audience members all looked uncomfortable for them and even started singing along to help them out. It was a very awkward three (3) minutes for the performers, the venue audience and the viewing TV audience alike. Still love those guys but I hope they don't do that again.

Zac Brown appeared as an announcer with that damn cap on his head. What is he HIDING? I really really want to remove that cap. I pray he has several of them and that he washes them once in a while. Bald is beautiful Zac. Don't be ashamed of who you are.

Carole King was a huge highlight. That lady knows her stuff. Super talented and super cool.

MaDonna, the cane, her vocals, what was that? The lady in red put her to shame.

Metallica on the Grammy's, like why? I honestly couldn't wait for the pain of this night to end.

I am already reading stories from other publications about how wonderful it all was. What show were they watching and why can't the truth be told? Sound problems, bad performances, weird hats and helmet wearing winners along with a mass wedding ceremony for 33 or 34 couples left a million viewers baffled and wanting a do over.

The two biggest winners of the night - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and Daft Punk.

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