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2014 goal for asthmatic patient: Increasing fibers in the diet.

Increasing fibers in the diet is beneficial to health and overall wellbeing.

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

With temperature reaching negative digits in the Washington DC area and other parts of the country, asthma attacks may be rising due to the cold air. To avoid emergency room visits and other inconveniences, covering the nose and mouth can lessen the problem created by this severe unusual weather.

Another recommended solution is to avoid allergens as much as possible. They are usually confined mostly to household products like deodorants, disinfectants, cleaning solutions and so on.

Changing the diet starting 2014 is an excellent beginning. A new research published on January 05, in the journal of nature medicine, demonstrates that:

  • ‘Eating dietary fibers reduce asthma symptoms’.

According to the study, dietary fermentable fiber content changed the composition of the gut and lung microbiota.

  • Dietary fermentable fiber and short chain fatty acids can shape the immunological environment in the lung and influence the severity of allergic inflammation.

Gut microbiota and its influence in human health.

In 2012, the food research international journal has been making the claim that unbalanced gut bacteria is an important factor in acute and chronic illnesses.

CDC's national center for environmental health states that asthma affects an estimated 18.7 million adults and 7 million children in the United States.

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