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2014 garden project: Make a raised-bed salsa garden

A raised bed is a great option for people with poor, compacted soil
A raised bed is a great option for people with poor, compacted soil

Pinterest is a great place to find ideas and store the ones you want to try someday. The Home Depot Garden Club has combed through the world of Pinterest and found a number of fun projects that can be taken from the boards to the garden in no time – this week: learn how to make a raised-bed salsa garden.

What you need:

· Raised bed kit, 48-by-96 inches

· Weed block fabric

· Soil

· Stakes

· Tomato cages

· Velcro plant ties

· Wire plant ties

· Plants or seeds (see Step 5 for suggestions)

Location – Choose a sunny spot for your raised bed. It sits on top of your ground, so you can easily add good soil and amendments; they’re a great option for yards with poor or compacted soil.

Assembly – Put your raised bed kit together according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Line bed with weed block fabric – Weed block fabric is porous and will allow water to pass through it for drainage. This is a barrier between the soil in the bed and the soil in your yard that helps keep weeds and grass from growing inside the bed.

Add soil and compost – Enough to almost fill the bed.

Add plants or seeds – following this design pattern:

Front of box (left to right):

· 1 oregano (any kind)

· 9 red onions

Middle of box (left to right):

· 1 cilantro

· 1 serrano, fresno chili, or chile de arbol pepper (staked)

· 1 Roma tomato (caged)

Back of box (left to right):

· 1 cilantro

· 1 jalapeño, hot banana, or garden salsa pepper (staked)

· 1 Roma tomato (caged)

Help your plants grow – As they grow, support plants as needed with stakes, props or cages. Stakes are available in various lengths, and plant props help keep plants upright in strong winds or bad weather. Secure your plants to the props or stakes with Velcro plant ties, which are gentle on stems and leaves and easy to rearrange, or with wire ties. Wire ties are strong and come with a built-in cutter, so you can cut the length you need. Water regularly if rainfall is scarce – plants need about 1 inch of water weekly once they are actively growing.

Information provided by the Home Depot Garden Club.

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