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2014 Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame inductees

The recreational sport of freshwater fishing has a prestigious honor for the fishing men and women involved in making important contributions, The Freshwater hall of Fame. The ones who contributed the most to freshwater fishing are the ones who are inducted to the hall of fame.

Jim Bagley, founder of Bagley’s Better Baits with lures that are treasured and collected by many in the fishing world. In support of the company he hired the first fishing Pro Bill Dance. Jim Bagley sets the tone for his innovative efforts in freshwater fishing by his fun-loving and compassionate interest. “The New Black Magic,” put Bagley on the fishing map, made from pork rind (after purchasing a dormant pork rind company) the pork rind eel. With the new balsa wood technology came his first success the “Bang O Lure” gave anglers around the world a further cast and bang up action. The “Driving B,” “Balsa B,’ and the “Small Fry,” were of the same series.

Friends of Reservoirs, FOR is a national non-profit organization out of Oklahoma that is dedicated to protecting and restoring freshwater fisheries and habitats. Dedicated to increasing the knowledge of the public, to the conservation and management of reservoirs and watersheds across America.

Ralph “Butch” Furtman, is one of the well-known and recognized Midwest premier writers, hunter, and fisherman, as well as a consultant to the tackle industry. Furtman had a popular show “Sportsmans Notebook,” for twenty-five years on WDIO-TV and ABC affiliate, and for the past fifteen years his show “Sportsmans Journal” has aired on Fox Sports Net which consistently earns the highest Nielsen ratings. A featured writer inField and Stream, In-Fishermen, Outdoor News and Hunting Angling Times, and Fishing Library.” Furtman is always in demand for seminars on fishing and hunting.

Clive Gammon, The Welshman is known for recognizing Ireland as a sporting fishing venue and popularized beach casting and fishing rom the rocks with tope. In 1973 he founded the Bass Angler’s Sportfishing Society. He wrote many books on Irish and Welsh fishing including Castaway and I Know a Place, and wrote fishing columns for “Angling Times, Field and Creel” and “Sports Illustrated” where he covered nearly every sport with the greatest expense account to go with it.

Doug Johnson, When fishermen talk musky or world class sport fishery Lake of the Woods Johnson’s name will invariably always come up. He was a fishery biologist and fishing guide who was key in confronting commercial fishermen over netting practices. A regular writer for “In-Fishermen,” he has been featured on many televisions shows/DVD segments/video for his on-the-water ecology/entomology/geology/ valuable information.

Elmo F. Korn, Died in 2006, and was then known as the oldest fishing guide in the state of Wisconsin, seventy years. His guide license was issued at number two. Korn to a resort on Barber Lake and used it as his headquarters. The resort was sold in 1965 and his headquarters moved to Chippewa Falls where he founded the Chippewa Falls Musky Club under the Chippewa Chiefs Musky Club which was the foundation for the Wisconsin Chapter of Muskies, later serving on the International Board of Muskies, Inc. One of the originators of the Dorchester Project” who believed the fingerlings could be successfully raised is waste treatment settlement ponds. The project is known for its success in thousands of fingerlings being transplanted to area waters.

Roger La Penter, As a lifetime achievement La Penter advocated new regulations for catch and release for smallmouth bass to insure a sustainable fishery in Checquamegon Bay. Fishermen were taking large numbers of trophy sized smallmouth from the bay and decreasing the sizable fishery. The new regulations went into effect in 1994 regarding 22-inch limit and creels size singlehandedly assured fishing for generations to come. The lasting impact is eighteen-years in the making.

Walter Ray “Bodie” McDowell, McDowell began writing for the “South Carolina Index Journal” in the fifties and founded the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association. A fishermans friend he became a local name because he used the local anglers for his fishing stories.

T. Layton “Shep” The Mepps Man Shepherd, Shepherd discovered the Mepps spinner, he could answer any question on lure presentation and began the Mepps Angler Award Program in 1976, which is still going strong to this day.

Thayne Smith, Smith spent his life as a fishing industry writer and editor, President of Outdoor Writes Association of America the Association of Great lakes Outdoor Writers, and Kansas Outdoor Writers and has mentored hundreds of outdoor writers. Smith worked for the Kansas Department of Wildlife for many years.

Captain Dale Stroschein, A reputation for trophy fish, a passionate fishing guide who took many a happy customer to his favorite secret fishing spots. Stroschein fished the Professional Walleye Trail for twelve years. He was the only angler to hold big fish records on the PWT and NAWA circuits. His main goal was to educate and safely navigate for over 26 years. These days he charters fishing trips from his resort, Sand bay Beach Resort and Suites, Ltd.

William W. Taylor, Distinguished Professor in Global Fisheries Systems in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife. Taylor is an internationally recognized Great Lakes fishery ecology, population dynamics, and governance. He is the U. S. Commissioner for the Great Lakes Fishery Commission, alternate appointment. He also held gubernatorial appointment to Michigan’s Aquatic Nuisance Species Coordinator Council and U.S. Secretary of Interior Sport Fishing and Boating Council for eight years. He is associate director of the Michigan Sea Grant College Program and has received numerous awards and achievements and has been published extensively. His interests are in a global perspective on environmental policy and management.

Barry “Woody” Woods, He had his first trip outfitter at the age of thirteen and later state senator. Woods began the “Woody’s Fairly Reliable Guide Service” in the mid-eighties, and has appeared on many television and radio shows including CBS Evening News with Dan Rather, “Minnesota Bound,”Ensley’s Sportman’s Friend, In-Fishermen, Bear Facts and Fishtales, and more. To this day he and his wife own and operate Woody’s Rainy Lake Resort in Ranier, Minnesota.

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