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2014 Ford Focus Electric additional savings might be too hard to pass up

Will Ford's pricing strategies for its Focus Electric help clear them off dealer floors?
Will Ford's pricing strategies for its Focus Electric help clear them off dealer floors?

First Ford slashed $4,000 from the sticker of its 2014 Focus Electric last summer, now as if the major discount on the vehicle was not enough, the automaker is offering up to $6,000 cash back and zero financing for up to 60 months on the hatchback.

The 5-passenger Ford plug-in which has an EPA-approved range of 76 miles on a full charge was behind the pack of such green competitors as the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf. A mere 177 of the 2014 Ford model vehicles were sold nationwide last June while in comparison, Chevy pumped 2,698 Volts and Nissan delivered some 2,225 Leaf EVs.

Reportedly, Ford joined in the price war among automakers, all vying to lure consumers in the market for an electric vehicle.

Nissan slashed its entry level Leaf price by $6,400 last year in January. By the time March rolled around, sales for the Leaf shot up as a result of the inviting pricing tactics. In the first six months of 2013, Nissan had managed to push 9,839 electric vehicles.

Quite a feat and other automakers took notice--Fiat with its 500e, GM's Spark EV and Volt and Honda's Fit EV.

Reportedly, the 2014 Ford Focus Electric which will now go from $35,170 to $29,170 is also eligible for a federal tax credit of $7,500. So the price for the hatchback drops yet again to an incredible $21,670 but do keep in mind, that there are states also offering credits for electric vehicle purchases, so the sticker can very well dip even further to quite a bit under $20,000.

Potential Focus Electric shoppers might also want to check out leasing deals on the car as well. The stripped Nissan Leaf S has a 36 month leasing deal of $199 with $1,999 down and reportedly, the Ford electric might follow suit.

Time will tell however, if the Ford Focus Electric's pricing strategies will help clear them off dealer floors!

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