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2014 Flood safety awareness week – 2013 flood summary and 2014 flood potential

Grand River Flooding 2013
Grand River Flooding 2013
Grand Rapids Weather Examiner

The Grand Rapids Weather Examiner presents the first in a series from the National Weather Service (NWS) on Flood Safety. The week of March 16-22 is National Flood Safety Awareness Week. High water and flooding will impact West Michigan and this a great time to learn about the hazard and what you can do to save your property and even your life. The series begins with a review of the historic flooding of 2013 and the potential for floods in 2014.
The flooding of 2013 was one for the record books for many locations in West Michigan. The flooding reached its peak in April which was the wettest April on record with 11.10 inches, beating out the previous April record of 8.29 inches set in 1909. This is also the third wettest month ever recorded for the city. Here’s a list of the wettest months:
1. 13.22” June 1892
2. 11.85” September 1986
3. 11.10” April 2013

The rain caused significant flooding across much of Lower Michigan. Read more about the flooding and see photos at the following links:
Grand River flood as seen by NASA satellites
Photos from my flight on 14 April

Flight photos from 21 April
Monthly report of river and flood conditions

While the flooding forecast for 2014 is not expected to reach the levels experienced in 2013, the high water content of the snowpack will likely cause significant rises on area rivers. Click this link to read the spring flood outlook issued on March 10, 2014.

This week a few of the safety topics will include, understanding flood terminology, the importance of NOT driving across flooded roads, the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service (AHPS), and the National Flood Insurance Program.

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