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2014 FIFA World Cup nail art inspiration

There's nothing that sparks nail art creativity like the World Cup 2014.
There's nothing that sparks nail art creativity like the World Cup 2014.
Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Aside from the expected roaring cheers and passionate fans of 2014 FIFA World Cup, there is a movement toward national pride including one of the most playful beauty trends popping up across the internet, flag inspired nails.

Whether following the excitement of the games is naturally an instinct or not, the creative images of nail art is incredible to see. From professional to at home manicures, the pictures of interpretive and deconstructed flags is an inspiring method for bringing out some World Cup energy. The talented nail art in the vibrant Getty Images included in the slideshow are bursting with healthy doses of friendly competition which can serve as a great conversation starter for beach days and summer outings.

Bringing in a photo into a professional nail salon or describing what country's flag should be seen across the nails is a great way to join in in the World Cup fever. Just in time for the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, stars and stripes can also serve as inspiration for designing a manicure to support both the traditional American holiday and the USA Soccer team.

Beautiful nails can be achieved at home too. Think outside of the box and try using tape, stickers, nail art pens or toothpicks to create the lines, stars and gorgeous color combinations of your favorite team. Looking to YouTube or Instagram social media feeds is also a quick way to get into this exciting summer beauty trend.

What flag will you don for your next summer manicure?