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2014 Fall TV Series Spoilers

Fall Season TV spoilers
Fall Season TV spoilers

AMC’s “Mad Men’s” Elizabeth Moss may be in line for a promotion but not with Don Draper. Word is the Emmy nominee is the front-runner for playing the female lead in HBO’s “True Detective” next season. Reportedly, “The Killling’s” Michelle Forbes is also in talks for a role.

When last we saw CBS’s hit comedy “The Big Bang Theory,” a slightly melancholy Sheldon Cooper was about to board a train to find himself. Not to worry. The self-described glue that holds the group together will find his way back home…at some point. Stuart will still be Mrs. Wolowitz’s caretaker and newly engaged Penny will accept a well-paying job as a salesperson at Bernadette’s pharmaceutical company. Regina King will return as Janine Davis, or as Sheldon consistently refers to her as - human resources department. And don’t throw away that superman cape just yet. There will be a new comic book store so yay!

Last time on NBC’s “The Blacklist,” Red slipped off his shirt, revealing some suspicious looking burn scars on his back but he insists he is not Liz’s father. Okay Red, if you say so. Season two will fast-forward a couple of months where fans will see how the FBI team deals with their tragic aftermath, watch membership grow on Red’s private team and witness Liz “express some curiosity about her mother.” Viewers will have to wait and see what really happened to Tom.

NBC’s “Chicago Fire: heated up last season with Boden marrying Donna, Casey proposing to Dawson and the entire team, with the exception of Boden, getting trapped inside a burning building. Don’t be surprised if heartbreak rises from the ashes.

Many fans are still reeling behind the unexpected death of Will on CBS’s “The Good Wife.” There were quite a few career shakeups and those shakings will carry into the upcoming season. Guest star Taye Diggs will be a recurring fly in the legal ointment.

Joan’s insistence on fleeing from the cuckoo’s nest was upsetting to Sherlock on CBS’s “Elementary” so he decided to take a flight of his own – to London. Sherlock moved back home to start working for MI6. When “Elementary” comes back this fall, Sherlock will return to New York City a year later with a new protégé named Kitty Winter. Sure, Joan has moved on. She has continued working with the NYPD and will even meet a new love interest, but how will she feel about her replacement, Ms. Kitty? Will the claws come out because Joan misses her friend Sherlock and will want to work with him again? How can there be a Sherlock without a Watson? Sir Conan Doyle would have a fit.

Finally, ABC’s “Resurrection” ended last spring with plenty of excitement and one big head scratcher – is Agent Marty Bellamy the long-lost son of new Returned family, the Thompsons? Is he a Returned? This fall, more dead folk will be returning to Arcadia including Margaret Langston, the mother of Henry and Fred and played by “24: Live Another Day” actress Michelle Fairley. Mrs. Langston has been dead for over 30 years and is keeper of a dirty secret that has something to do with the Returned phenomenon.

Are you ready for the 2014 fall television lineup?

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