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2014 ENnies interview #16: Journeyman Games

Journeyman Games
Journeyman Games
Journeyman Games

This interview is part of a series focusing on candidates in the running for the 2014 ENnie Awards. The Gen Con EN World RPG Awards (the “ENnies”) are an annual fan-based celebration of excellence in tabletop role-playing gaming, with voting beginning 7 a.m. Central on Sunday, July 20 through 7 p.m. Central on Wednesday, July 30. The winners will be announced at Gen Con, the Grand Hall at the Historic Union Station on Friday, August 15. To vote, see In this installment I interview Will Herrmann, President of Journeyman Games.

Journeyman Games
Journeyman Games

Michael Tresca (MT): Tell us about your company.

Will Herrmann (WH): Journeyman Games is a new company dedicated to making apps for roleplaying games. Its name was chosen because a “Journeyman” has historically been a craftsman between an apprentice and a master in terms of skill; a fitting description of an ambitious startup company. In recent times, the usage of the word “Journeyman” has also been used to mean a traveller to exotic lands, literally a journeying man. This fits well with the idea of tabletop roleplaying games being games where players imagine that their characters are traveling through exotic settings from a variety of genres.

MT: Tell us about your nominated products/site.

WH: Wild Card Creator is a character creator for the Savage Worlds roleplaying game. What distinguishes it from other character creators is that you can give it a PDF for a Savage Worlds setting from Pinnacle Entertainment Group or over 20 other companies (including ENnie-nominated Deadlands Noir and Judges' Spotlight Weird Wars Rome) and it will import all of the setting's new Edges, Hindrances, gear, and other character creation options. No microfees, no hidden transactions; just give it the PDF you've already purchased and it will import all of the content. Wild Card Creator is available for Mac, Windows, and Linux with iPad and Android tablet versions to come.

MT: What distinguishes your entries from your competitors?

WH: As described above, Wild Card Creator imports content from PDFs you already own, so you don't need to pay any microfees or hidden transactions to build characters for these settings. There exist over 70 Savage Worlds settings and it is our goal to support all of them by the end of Autumn of this year. We have received support from Pinnacle Entertainment Group, creators of Savage Worlds, and over 20 third party companies and frequently converse with them, so you can be assured that the content is accurate. If published content isn't enough, Wild Card Creator makes it incredibly easy to add homebrew content with a simple graphical editor. There is no markup language to learn, so you can just click through the menus to create whatever you can imagine. Wild Card Creator also provides the ability to export your character to any form-fillable PDF character sheet, so you can make your character appear however you'd like.

MT: What products will you be producing for the remainder of this year?

WH: The Journeyman Games' major focus for the remainder of the year will be achieving the goal of having Wild Card Creator support all Savage Worlds settings. Work will also begin on an iPad and Android tablet version of Wild Card Creator.

MT: Have you participated in any recent Kickstarters? Are there any upcoming Kickstarters on the horizon?

WH: Wild Card Creator began as a Kickstarter and Journeyman Games pledged to join the KickingItForward movement, meaning that the company has promised to use some of the profit to back other Kickstarters and help them fund their dreams. Since then, we have supported a number of roleplaying game Kickstarters, especially Savage Worlds settings and independent systems.

MT: What do you think of the new edition of D&D?

WH: From what I've seen of the playtest, it goes a long way to rectifying what I saw as an overly complex 3rd Edition and an excessively restrictive 4th Edition, while still retaining the best ideas from each. I really enjoyed it when I played and I hope that others will as well. Although no roleplaying game can please everyone, it's my hope that this edition will help consolidate the fanbase and bring in new players, which I believe will be good for the industry as a whole.

MT: Will you be at Gen Con? Where? Will any new products debut at Gen Con?

WH: Journeyman Games will be at GenCon, but will not have a booth. However, we will be present at the Pinnacle Entertainment Group seminar. No new products will debut at GenCon; we'll just be improving our current products.

MT: Where can we find out more about your company online?

WH: Journeyman Games' website is at You can also follow us on Twitter @JourneymanRPGs.

MT: Anything else you'd like to share?

WH: Those who do not throw the dice cannot expect to roll high.

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