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2014 Emmys cater to social media; red carpet zip line camera, Facebook questions

Emmys cater to social media
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

The 2014 Emmy Awards are going to be different than in past years and it all starts on the red carpet. The best part is a simple Los Angeles venue is being turned into a luxurious award show that will offer a look at celebrities and all the hoopla. This year there will be more social media coverage than ever before. According to KFOR on Saturday, the social media will start the minute the red carpet is ready for the stars.

So what is new for the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards? The fancy new Twitter zip line camera run by Access Hollywood definitely is going to be a winner. The eye from the sky might not be a drone, but it is the next best thing and the opportunity to see a celebrity’s every move is going to be epic. Access Hollywood and NBC are expected to be pumping out the images for everyone on social media to see.

If that isn't enough, the red carpet is going to have celebrities answering questions from fans right on Facebook. Pre-loaded questions for particular stars will be asked and a quick video response will be given so people at home can get answers immediately to the questions they want to know.

Of course E! will have their Glam Cam up and running so the fans can see every angle of the fashion worn on the red carpet too. The different looks always seen to be extremely interesting to fans around the world to know exactly what people are wearing.

This year, more than ever, the social media buzz around the Emmys will have information about the show to people around the world. The desperation to get a social media event going is intense and Variety is reporting the focus is the most social experience ever for the Emmys. With so many folks watching, it appears the instantaneous focus will have people to bed at a decent hour (it’s a Monday night) and then on Tuesday everyone can reference everything that happened the night before.

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