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2014 DFW Beast Tour - UPDATE: August 15th Dan The Beast Seminar at Gracie Gym

On 15 August MMA and UFC Legend Dan “The Beast” Severn will be conducting a two hour seminar at Gracie Gym in Plano. The seminar will be the only one that Dan teaches in the Frisco and Plano area during his 2014 DFW Beast Tour. Topic covered will be clinch work, takedowns, ground work and Dan is expected to teach his very own Severn Cradle for those competing in amateur wrestling. This event is sponsored by Gracie Gym, the American Muay Thai Association and The Frisco Bombers Wrestling Club

Dan Severn is a Grappling and Mixed Martial Arts Legend. He is the only Triple Crowned UFC Champion and is a UFC Hall of Famer. Dan Severn will be teaching a grappling and MMA seminar at Gracie Gym on August 15th as part of his  2014 DFW Beast Tour.

Gracie Gym

The Gracie Gym is located at 4017 Preston Road, Suite #B-545, Plano, TX 75093. The gym offers programs in Brazilian Jiu – Jitsu and Muay Thai taught by Coach Carlos Moreno. The Jujitsu classes are taught by Coach Marcus Neuenschwander. Coach Neuenschwander received his first and second degree on his black belt from Master Carlos Gracie Jr. He has years of extensive experience and has won numerous championships, national, and international titles. Professor Neuenschwander not only runs and owns Gracie Gym, but two other Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu centers in Texas and California, as well.

Taken from the Gracie Gym Website:

“Since 1925, the Gracie family has taught individuals the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Although it is now seen as a sport, the concept of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu derived from a martial art that was based on the principals of respect, hierarchy, discipline, self-control, self-confidence, patience, and many other characteristics. Our goal is to continue passing this outstanding form of self-defense on for generations so thousands of people can learn and enjoy Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.”

You can find them on the web

American Muay Thai Association

Muay Thai classes are taught by Coach Carlos Moreno. Coach Moreno has achieved Ajarn (Master) level in the Combat Art of Muay Thai. Muay Thai is the devastating striking art also dubbed as the “Art of Eight Limbs”. This is because Muay Thai fighters are trained to use all weapons of the hands, feet, elbows and knees. Ajarn Moreno was trained under Master Cheetah and has trained amateur and professional Muay Thai and MMA champions from central to northern California. He began Muay Thai training in 1993 and joined Cheetah Muay Thai Academy in 1996. He continued studying his art by living and training at the International Muay Thai School in Bangkok, Thailand. He founded the American Muay Thai Association in 1996 with the goal of spreading Muay Thai to the community and uniting U.S. Muay Thai teachers. He earned the title of Kru in 1999 and in 2009 received a recognition award for his dedication to quality instruction and commitment to his students. His Students have fought in UFC, Bellator, Legacy Fighting Championship, IFC, King of the Cage, Gladiator Challenge and many others.

Learn more about Coach Moreno and the American Muay Thai Association on the Worldwide Web

Frisco Bombers Wrestling Club

This event will also be sponsored by “The Frisco Bombers” Wrestling Club. The Frisco Bombers/Bombers Black Wrestling Club was created in 2003 for kids in the Frisco area to experience the sport and competition of wrestling. They are committed to providing a program that helps build confidence, integrity, leadership, self-respect, respect for others, and teamwork. Their talented and dedicated coaching staff teaches basic and higher level techniques needed to excel in wrestling. The Frisco Bombers Wrestling Club has produced ten State Champions and many State Runners-up. Five former Bombers have earned Frisco Independent School District (FISD) Varsity Wrestling Letters as freshmen. Their head coach is Rick Dellgatta.

Coach Dellgatta has achieved some very significant accomplishments in his own competitive career:

• 2 Time Olympian- Freestyle Wrestling Team Member 1980 and 1984

• 3 Time USA Wrestling National Freestyle Champion

• 2 Time Canadian Cup Champion

• 1983 Outstanding Wrestler at USA Nationals

• 1981 University of Kentucky Athlete of the Year

• 3 Time College All American, University of Kentucky

You can find more information on the “Bombers” at

Not only will this seminar feature The God Father of Mixed Martial Arts Dan Severn, but “The Beast” will also have tables set up with display of all three of his UFC Championship belts as well as his Professional Wrestling belts. There will be photo opportunities and autographs as well. If you don’t feel like grappling, come get your photo taken with the “Beast”, get it signed and at the same time check out Gracie Gym in Plano. Those interested in attending and learning from a LEGEND, should hurry because space may be limited. This event will be exclusively covered by The Fort Worth Martial Arts Examiner and Knife and Hand to Hand

For more information on this event contact Coach Moreno at or call (469)209-3690. Local Sports Bars and other entertainment venues in the Plano and Frisco area interested in sponsoring an after party appearance, meet and greet and autograph signing contact Andy at or (682) 841-2212. For more on the “2014 DFW BEAST TOUR”, appearances, other seminars and more; stay tuned to the Fort Worth Martial Arts Examiner.

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