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2014 Daylight Saving Time begins: When should we turn clocks ahead this weekend?

When does Daylight Savings Time start? Get ready to lose an hour of sleep this weekend after you turn your clocks ahead. It is time to "spring forward" on Sunday, March 9, 2014.

Daylight Saving Time 2014
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The actual change to DST starts at 2 a.m., but if you head to bed early, make sure you set your clocks an hour ahead before you go to sleep on Saturday night.

Most computers, tablets and smartphones will automatically adjust to the correct time, but the clock on certain appliances, including microwaves and stoves, will need to be reset manually. Newer automobiles have clocks that change to DST, but older vehicles will need a manual reset.

If you live in Arizona (most areas), Hawaii, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico or American Samoa, you don't have to change your clock as those states and U.S. territories do not participate in DST.

Fun Fact about DST:

In 1945, President Franklin D. Roosevelt instituted year-round Daylight Saving Time in the United States. It was called “War Time” during World War II. This law was in place from February 9, 1942 to September 30, 1945. During this time, time zones were called “Eastern War Time”, “Central War Time”, and “Pacific War Time”. In August 1945, after the surrender of Japan, the time zones were relabeled “Peace Time”.

When will Daylight Saving Time end? Turn your clocks back and hour and regain that hour of sleep on Sunday, Nov. 3, 2013.

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