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2014: Creative Family Savings Project

There is a Savings Project you can try this year. You can Coupon with your home school family. You can look through the Newspapers on Sunday and get coupons. The purpose is to teach your kids to save money on shopping for Food or items. You can use also diverse sites to get coupons online and on your cell.

Your homeschool lessons will be in Feb to Dec how you can save tons of money in your home. Your goal is to save money each week. You need to show your teens and kids how to save. You can find deals on food on cell phone packages etc. Your goal is to teach Savings. You need to Save and get your kids ready for College. A site you can go to immediately is UPROMISE. Go to to UPROMISE at :

You can go to UPROMISE and see how it works at : . This can make your family save money at shopping and bring money back to your pocket for college. You can SAVE and still plan out for your kids College experience. You can then go to to Cellfire and get coupons for your smart phone. You can get access to thousands of coupons to save your money daily and weekly. You can have access on the go to SAVINGS on groceries.

These are two project steps you can take from Feb to DEC. You can see hundrends of savings in your budget and show your kids how to SAVE . You are teaching them how to make money back for college when they spend and how to save money period with digital coupons too.

Start the Creative Family Savings Project. Then you can look at other economic lessons you can apply to your household. Then go to the Wilkes Public Library for books on money management to teach your kids.

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