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2014 : Create Your Own Jobs

Teach the most important skill your teen can learn this Summer. Teach them how to create their own jobs. There is so much people looking for work in America. However, you can teach your kids some skills to become Job Creators. You can get them turning their own future with simple Summer lessons.

From lemonade stands in the Summer to getting your tech focused kids doing webpages can be a innovative way for them to earn and make extra money.Let them explore new ideas and see what jobs they can create themselves. Let them try out these things during the Summer and find some talent. Let them get some inspiration from the Wilkes Public Library and from other sources. At the library they can learn about running a baby sitting service or running a tutoring biz. You can get inspired and let them explore many opportunities. The biggest take home lesson is that your home school kids can become Job creators and mark their own destiny.

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