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2014 Chevrolet Traverse LTZ test drive and review

2014 Chevrolet Traverse LTZ
2014 Chevrolet Traverse LTZ
Craig Hover -

If you have a family or large group of people that you need to haul in comfort and style, the 2014 Chevrolet Traverse LTZ may be the ticket. The family station wagon has come a long way, and this Traverse illustrates the best of that progress. Let’s take a look at everything this people-mover has to offer.

The Traverse is meant for families, and in this regard, it does not disappoint. You can actually fit six people comfortably. It also plays DVDs via a flat screen that came down from the roof, and it had separate heating and air conditioning controls in the back as well. What kid wouldn’t want to go on a long trip back there? It would be like sitting in the living room watching movies, and then—bam—Silver Dollar City.

Under the hood resides a direct-injected 3.6-liter V6 connected to a six-speed automatic transmission. This combo can be found in everything from Cadillacs to Camaros, and it is good in everything it comes in. Here, we’re looking at 288-hp, which is more than enough to scoot the big Traverse at a reasonable clip. I honestly never noticed how big this vehicle was unless I was backing up, and even then the backup camera in the 6.5-inch touch screen made that an easy task as well.

When you’re driving something that is meant to haul kids around, you’re probably concerned about safety. This Traverse LTZ had so many safety features, you would have to be trying pretty hard to get hurt in a wreck with it. It has a five-star governmental safety rating, thanks in part to airbags literally everywhere in the interior. The collision alert system flashes red lights on the windshield and vibrates your butt if it things you’re going to hit the guy in front of you. More vibrations and lights on the mirrors help you out when you’re changing lanes. And GM’s StabiliTrak system keeps things under control when you may otherwise be out of it.

For 2014, Chevy redesigned the front fascia to look more like the new Impala, and the taillights and rear deck were also changed. This was most definitely an improvement. Combined with the Champaign Silver Metallic paint, and a set of sharp-looking 20-inch wheels, this was one upscale, classy looking ride.

That attractiveness carried on inside, where a combination of Light Titanium and Dark Titanium leather and trim was more Cadillac than Chevrolet. Most of the stuff that you would touch, like the steering wheel and shift knob, was either covered in leather or some kind of soft vinyl material. And the grey striped, fancy fake wood gave it a warm vibe. Also, there was what looked like a strip of aluminum trim that spanned across the instrument panel. But at night, it had a fiber-optic tube light in it. It was like a magic trick.

The Traverse is one of those vehicles that you don’t realize how much you’ll like it until after you actually experience it. For a comfortable driver that also has a ton of utility, it would be hard to beat.

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And for more information about the Chevrolet Traverse, visit Chevy's website.

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