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2014 Car Pros for Kids--EXTENDED

2014 Car Pros for Kids
2014 Car Pros for Kids
Child Advocates

While I understand that this is aviation column, I wanted to take a time to go into something that really effects every person out there. As many know, I have been strong into racing cars for a long time and the ability to be an airline pilot and fine tune my capabilities of handling things at super high speed with little margin for error, as well as significant multi-tasking.

One thing that I know from racing is that you can never end a race successfully if you’re care is not maintained adequately and there is an organization that I have been a part of for years that I have to spread that word about. Car Pros for Kids has been around for 22 years supporting thousands of kids each year that are in desperate need. What this great organization does is allow people to donate at least $35 to their great cause, and in turn, local auto shops around Houston will honor that donation with two free oil changes for use anytime this year. How can anyone beat that? You are going to spend that much on oil changes anyhow, why not do it and advocate for the children in need.

I have been a part of the Child Advocacy group for years now and I've always recommended the same shop to go to, RMS Auto Care on Westheimer. The 2014 Car Pros for Kids is run from February 1st to February 28th, but the great guys at RMS Auto Care have been generous enough to extend it until March 8th to allow everyone who wants be a part of a it a chance to still get in on the action. The owner of RMS Auto Care, Byron Rusk, has been an incredible supporter of Car Pros for Kids and has allowed any individual to walk in or call in with cash, check, or credit card to place a donation. While this donation when made during the month of February can be used at many shops around town, this extension is particular to RMS Auto Care.

Car Pros for Kids is really a no brainer to anyone who drives a car period because you have to maintain your vehicle, whether it is a jet, car, motorcycle, or Formula 1 racer. Why not do it for a great cause. I do not receive a penny for promoting these organizations, but it is one of this matters that I am really passionate about. Saturday, March 8th is just under a week away, don’t let this go. Tell them I sent you there and leave your car in good hands.

RMS Auto Care is located at 1759 Westheimer Rd. and their number is (713) 529-5855. Just ask for or e-mail Byron. More information on Car Pros for Kids can be reached at their website. Tell them I sent you and hurry before the event expires until next year.

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Here's to clear skies and smooth flying ahead!

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