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2014 Buccaneers NFL Draft: Making history with all offensive

Does the 2014 NFL Draft for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have you feeling offensive offensively? Or delighted with visions of free agents on the defensive side filling the salary cap during training camp?

Evans, Thursday, walking to the stage as our first round pick to get his Buccaneers gear.
Evans, Thursday, walking to the stage as our first round pick to get his Buccaneers gear.
Fire The Cannons: Bucs Fanmanagent, used with permission
Welcome to the 2014 Buccanners
Photo courtesy of Fire The Cannons: Bucs Fanmanagement, used with permission.

The new General Manager, Jason Licht and Head Coach, Lovie Smith headed to the Draft with an unusual approach that set history for the Buccaneers franchise.

For the first time in their history, the Bucs drafted no defensive players.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have rounded out their 2014 NFL draft class focusing exclusively on offensive prospects. In order:

  1. Evans - Wide Receiver
  2. Jenkins - Tight End
  3. Sims - Running Back
  4. Edwards - Offensive Guard
  5. Pamphile - Offensive Tackle
  6. Heron - Wide Receiver

Only one player is under 6'4"
- and that is Heron; whom will more than likely be involved with Special Teams instead of the Wide Receiver official stamp.

Evans was Johnny Manziel's partner in crime at Texas A&M - and while this Examiner attending the Draft party Thursday at Raymond James Stadium, the crowd loved the choice.

"He's what we need," Ryan Miller, 28, of Bradenton said, when asked of the choice, "Why should we blow our load on a Quarterback? I suspect the Buccannners will choose those who can play regardless; not having another "Tim Tebow" on our hands." Miller was refeering to Johnny "Football" Manziel.

The Buccaneers did exactly what Ryan predicted: Every player has tread.

The Buccaneers needed depth along the offensive line, and they've got it after adding Kadeem Edwards and Pamphile. Pamphile and Jamon Meredith can back up the tackle positions, while Edwards and Meredith can play at the guard spots.

Again, since we don't really know what Jeff Tedford's offense will ask of linemen, it's tough to know if Pamphile is a perfect fit, but he is a mold-able prospect who can be taught any kind of scheme considering his limited background at the position.

Mike Evans, our first round draft pick; 6'5", 230 lbs wide receiver joins Vincent Jackson to give the Tampa Bay 'Dunkaneers' the biggest receiving corps in the NFL by quite some distance, and their size and ability will help make contested catches catchable and should help Josh McCown and Mike Glennon succeed this year.

Tampa Bay officially has the largest and biggest receivers in the league.

Plus, Jenkins, our 2nd round draft choice is considered by many to be a "Red Zone" Tight End. Basically, if we're 10 yards from the goal line give him the ball; and he'll score.

Sims, our 3rd round pick, should primarily be a receiving back for the Bucs, while adding some depth and insurance behind Doug Martin as well. He has the ability to line up at slot receiver and win against man coverage, and the Bucs could use him as a movable, match-up player across their formation.

Every player has proven to be a great blocker as well.

Onto training camp, were we will finish out the salary cap with free agents and one year contracts on the defense side. Lovie must like what he sees on the defenive side of the Buccanners. Lovie is an old school "Defense Wins Championships" type of coach. The Bucs always pride ourselves on our defense. Do you trust Lovie with these decisions?

Yet one giant question remains -

Will our starting Quarter Back Be Josh McCown or Mike Glennon?

Share your thoughts on the 2014 draft in the comments below.

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