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2014 Best Grammy Awards Of All Time

By Julie D. Griffin

The 56th Annual Grammy Awards hit the high note due to a feature bevy of diverse musical performers.
Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

The featured performances of Sara Bareilles (King of Anything) singing with Carole King and the heavy metal song of Metallica, and with the charismatic presence of Madonna and with Yoko Ono and her son Sean, Paul McCartney, Ringo Star, Chris Kristofferson, and Steven Tyler who appeared with Smokey Robinson also in attendance, all of the social networks everywhere immediately started naming the 56th Annual Grammy Awards as the best one ever. Taylor Swift who also performed at the award ceremony wore a glorious Cinderella style ballgown while reminiscing about dancing under the light of the refrigerator, or a song about a past relationship she let go of and saw the light about. A more mature lady version of Taylor emerged as a classy woman who flipped her hair back and let us all know that the naive teenager who still all sweetness and light knows how to live stronger. Wiser yet, the performance of Madonna who a long time advocate for humane freedom of an individual person, the church theme during which Queen Latifa entered the choir hall of the parenthetical God to help Madonna elaborate on the comfort of those who no longer have to cry on Sunday.

And while Russell Brand enroute with his international Messiah Complex tour under way, Katy Perry performed a demon style skit at the 2014 Award Ceremony which ironically seemed as adverse to the darling, innocent and lily white uncorrupt Brand image now newly portrayed. While some nice surprises such as Macklemore and Ryan who won Best New Performers, and Best Rock Performance as Imagine Dragons Radioactive, God Is Dead by Black Sabbath as Best Metal ~ Mr. Osbourne and his wife and family sat together at the ceremony. An array of other guests who also performed beautifully such as Chicago composers of As Time Goes On, one of the best love songs of all times sang Saturday In The Park. Ringo Starr played drums with the band of, and Sir Paul McCartney the All I have is your faded photograph song and with a background of photos and memories which also showed some photos of John Lennon and the other Beatles. The upcoming special show to honor the band was announced. Many performers of almost every genre from country to hard rock the show honored with recognition. Of course male stars such as Willie Nelson sang and made you pine away that Loretta Lynn and the others did not join him as well. But with all of the diversity displayed at the music awards, one thing shone forth for sure. Each performer arrayed themselves as professionals who worked hard to form a trademark for the craft, that of shining forth with individual redemption for an image. Please see the link below to access a list of awards winners.

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