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2014 'Bachelor' spoilers: Is Juan Pablo already cheating on his final pick?

Is Juan Pablo already cheating on the woman he gives the final rose to on the season finale of "The Bachelor"?

Juan Pablo and Mayra Veronica
Celeb Dirty Laundry

Rumor has it that Juan Pablo Galavis chooses Nikki Ferrell at the final rose ceremony, but he does ask her to marry him. His love for women may keep him from settling down if his Instagram photos are any indication.

Galavis constantly posts of photos of himself with beautiful women, including actress Anabelle Blum, who the "Bachelor" writes is "the best girlfriend I have ever had."

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Best girlfriends from his past aside, Juan Pablo's affection for women, other than his predicted final pick on "The Bachelor", appear to be going beyond the friend zone.

Galavis was recently spotted out on a date at a Miami Heat basketball game, accompanied by singer Mayra Veronica. Celeb Dirty Laundry states that their sources report Galavis and Veronica were "huddled very close at the game" and "definitely looked like they were dating."

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Of course, "looked like" is speculation and there is no confirmation from Camp Juan Pablo that he is actually dating anyone, including the predicted "Bachelor" winner, Nikki Ferrell.

Blogger "Reality Steve" Carbone has been wrong in the past, so it is totally possibly that Juan Pablo didn't pick anyone at the final rose ceremony.

Fans love seeing a happy ending, but this season it is difficult to peg who would be a good match for Galavis, other than no one.

Carbone does state that Juan Pablo does not propose to Ferrell on the season finale, but picks her as his girlfriend. If that is true, it's quite possible their relationship has already fizzled and he has moved on to dating women outside of the show.

Chances are, Juan Pablo Galavis did not come on the show to find a wife, but instead to make a name for himself in Hollywood. Hopefully, he keeps his day job and doesn't count on fame and fortune to flourish after the "Bachelor" ends.

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