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2014 : Baby First TV for your Baby

Baby First TV is key for helping educating your baby. They can get great head start at home with shows on TV and great interactive games at Baby U. Check out a clip at : You can also go to Wilkes Public Library to get great books to read to your baby.

You can read to baby daily and get them learning all sorts of sounds. Check out this interesting article on the importance of reading to a baby before they are 1.

Check it out : . You can also find tips on getting books at : .

You can complement reading a book to your baby with the great educational tools provided by Baby First TV. I really like the Notekins. Notekins introduce Sounds to your baby. I enjoy watching my baby Max watch Notekins everyday. He watches Baby First TV in Spanish to add the foreign language component at an early stage of his life. Notekins can be previewed at : .

This is a great tool as you care for your baby and watch them grow each day. My son Max will turn 8 months soon and he claps or smiles as he catches a glimpse of Notekins. This is a great educational tool. You can use this as a great tool to get them exploring their world. You can complete Baby U with your babies and have fun things to do each day. I like this preview : . You can get digital books for your baby at: .

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