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2014 Arizona Election Native Americans Can Change State Blue

Record Alaska Native & Native Americans Voting
Record Alaska Native & Native Americans Voting

2014 Arizona Election Native Americans Can Change State Blue
Terrance H. Booth, Sr. Nishwilgun – Tsimshian
Arizona Tribes have a unique opportunity to turn State of Arizona a blue state due to several political candidates running for governorship. Here are the several candidates: “On the GOP side, Mesa Mayor Scott Smith, Secretary of State Ken Bennett, state Treasurer Doug Ducey, Attorney General Tom Horne, state Sen. Steve Pierce and Mesa businessman Wil Cardon have been mentioned as possible contenders for the party’s nomination. [1]
The Democrats’ leading gubernatorial contenders include state Rep. Chad Campbell, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, former Arizona Board of Regents Chairman Fred Duval, and attorney Felecia Rotellini.” [2]
With the large slate of candidates this means splitting the votes among the governorship candidates and the 22 Tribes of Arizona can bloc vote to bring about positive tribal agenda changes for the State of Arizona.
Today in Congress the Republicans are still targeting Alaska Native and Native American Programs more than any other minority and Indian Country, USA; for they have been the hardest hit by Republican Sequestration and, again, the federal government has failed and not ever has poverty been eliminated from America’s Indian People. Current GOP are not listening to those that have elected them but listening to those who made their campaign possible with campaign contributions. “It’s time for Congress to answer this moral and legal call to action so that AI/AN peoples can finally look forward to prosperity and progress for future generations, rather than some of the worst and most chronic rates of poverty, health, and education.” [3]
It is Congress that puts all the Native Programs into place for every tribal reservation across Indian Country, USA. It is we the people, of Indian Country that put these elected officials into office and has a right to speak our mind to them. We see on television how they have cut many programs that not only hit hard Indian Country, USA; but have taken its toll upon all the poor people of this country America. Also, at the Congressional level and the Office of the President appoints political appointees for key positions for the President’s Cabinet. The US Senate has confirmation hearing of the President’s appointees where the Senators say nay or yea for the appointees. So us, Alaska Natives and Native Americans besides casting your important vote we need to actively watch Congress and the Office of the President for what takes place directly impacts us, Natives literally from the cradle to the grave. So, Indian Country, USA This writer greatly encourage every tribe across America to become 100% registered voters and cast your vote in the upcoming important elections in your state. I am sure like Arizona there is a large slate of political candidates running for us. Make sure our Native Vote Counts this year and 2016 for a New President.
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