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2014 and the number 7

Arlene Paredes via the International Business Times bureau in Australia writes about numerology in the new year since the year 2014 is associated with the number 7. The reason 2014 is associated with seven is that if you add up 2, 0, 1, and 4, you get 7. The predictions include an increasing level of human awareness, self-reliance, reflection, and spirituality. According to, those most likely to be influenced by the number 7 will be affiliated with the military “most likely as analysts or strategic planners” or perhaps will be affiliated with science and the academy, presumably through universities.

However, not all is positive about the number 7 in the new year. Seven may be associated with extreme cynicism or those who may not be aware of the suffering around them, seemingly contrasting one of her other points. Regardless, for believers in numerology, the new year brings new opportunities and new chances for self-renewal. Believers have an extra incentive due to the association with the number seven.

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