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2014 America’s Family Pet Expo – Greyhound Booth

The 25th annual America’s Family Pet Expo was held in Orange County, CA in April 2014. The Expo focuses on dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and all manner of household pets. The purpose of the Expo is to expose the public to animals and products for the animals. There was everything from food, toys, clothing, books, trainers, adoptions as well as many pet charities. booth at 2014 America's Pet Expo
Linda Weber

Greyhounds were in evidence at least three booths. The Greyhound Adoption group out of La Habra Heights, CA had two wire pens full of adopted ex-racing Greyhounds. The purpose of the booth is to educate people about ex-racing Greyhounds and to have people interact with the dogs.

On both sides of the booth, there were large-breed excited dogs that were constantly barking. In contrast, the Greyhounds were lounging in their pens or calmly taking pets from adults and children interested in the dogs. At least one Greyhound was out of the pen in front of the booth so people could see how the dogs interacted with strangers and to also allow easier access to the dog. Greyhounds are usually calmer around strangers and chaos as they have been handled extensively during their racing days and are used to the noise and chaos that swirls around them.

The purpose of the booth was to introduce and educate the public about ex-racing Greyhounds and to dispel some of the misnomers that surround Greyhounds. Many Expo attendees were excited to learn about the Greyhounds and see them in person. Most mentioned how beautiful and graceful they were as well as calm and quiet. Many asked in-depth questions regarding their care, feeding and what kind of exercise they require. The kids said the Greyhound were very soft and very pretty and colorful. is usually in attendance at the Expo so if you missed them this year, they should be back in 2015.

Reviewer adopted her ex-racing Greyhound from

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