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2014 Academy Awards swag bag, AVIV 613 Vodka review

And the winner is..
And the winner is..
Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images

The Academy Awards presentation draws Super Bowl type viewership. We are obsessed with movie stars and what they're wearing, who they're dating and whether Ellen DeGeneres can embarrass them sufficiently. A few fans tune in to see who wins which award, though equally important, people want to know what's in the annual Oscars goody bag.

The fabled bag is typically worth tens of thousands of dollars. Now, the term worth is subjective, depending upon how much value you place on erectile dysfunction remedies and complimentary Botox procedures. But among the garbage there tend to be a few covet-worthy items. This year there was a watch, a thoughtful donation to a pet shelter and a bottle of AVIV 613 Vodka.

AVIV 613 is an excellent product, though retails for only about $30/bottle. There are those who might expect a more expensive premium liquor to be featured, specifically the producers of these overpriced items. These individuals should stick to record production and allow the vodka industry to return to some manner of affordable sensibility. Besides, having watched the likes of Brad Pitt, Kerry Washington, Jennifer Lawrence and Harrison Ford go to work on some delivery pizza, even the Hollywood elite appreciate quality and value. AVIV 613 represents both.

AVIV’s message is about the power of good thoughts and making celebrations meaningful.
- Marc Grossfield, AVIV 613 Vodka Founder and CEO

The general public will never personally experience an event where one is gifted with Gizara artworks at the door. But anyone may share in the meaningful type of celebration to which Mr. Grossfield refers. A few of the Oscars attendees will be able to make use of their new Krystal Klear Water Filtration system. For Matthew McConaughey and the rest of the discriminating world, a sultry bottle of spirits makes far more valuable swag.

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