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2014 - A Wacky Climbing Season at Everest

The only time you can safely climb to the top of the world at 29,028 feet is in May. The planetary weather takes a break then and the winds and snow are a bit more “mild.” 70% of all summits are done between May 13th and May 22nd.

The sad avalanche that killed 13 Sherpas in April pretty well ended the season for most climbers. The Sherpas removed necessary ladders on May 8 in protest and respect for their dead comrades. You do feel a bit sorry for those that trained for years and spent gobs on gear and guides.

While we weren’t looking, a 13-year old Indian girl successfully topped out last Sunday. Malavath Poorna reached the peak from the more difficult Tibetan side. Most climbers go up the Nepalese side, but you have to be 17 or older to do it there. She was on a government funded project. She is now the youngest woman to summit Everest.

In 2013, 658 climbers made the summit. 8 died trying. Over all time, almost 7,000 have gone to the top. Nearly 250 deaths have occurred. 4,00 different people have done it.

Carpe Diem!

Rick Deutsch

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