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2013NE South All-Stars: Ginger Kid

Calmly getting hit
Calmly getting hit
Hispanic Attack

You want Ginger Kid in your pack. Another Boston Strong blocker, she is a part of the blocker scheme in Massachusetts that blends naturally with her team mates.

Hispanic Attack

Watching Boston play, she is one of the skaters you have to keep your eye on. Boston has worked hard with a relatively stable line-up of skaters over the past few years. These ladies all know how to move and work around each other. Ginger Kid is the one who hangs on to the wall and keeps it dynamic, but can pop out, do her work and run back to the wall without disrupting the flow of the game.

You can see Ginger Kid always looking around, always analyzing and always communicating with the team. When something big happens on the track, she remains with an even head, gathers the troops and storms back into battle.

When she jams, she is just as calm. When I was looking through photos of her, she never looks panicked. It’s kind of amazing. Even when she’s being slammed in the sternum she has a calm look as if to say, “Thank you, I’ll be skating around you now.”

Check out Ginger Kid’s team, The Boston Derby Dames on Facebook!

Thank you Tyler Shaw and Hispanic Attack for the photos in this article.

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