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2013 Wyoming Roller Derby All Star: Venus V1xn

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As the 2013 Wyoming Roller Derby All-Star Roster voted on by all of you draws to a close, we reach the top three skaters from Wyoming, who all received the same number of MVP votes. They are ranked here by total overall votes. The first of the top three skaters in the state of Wyoming is Venus V1xn, who skates with the Cheyenne Capidolls located in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Venus V1xn was the Wyoming Roller Derby All Star MVP for the 2012 season. Much thanks to Chris Bojanower, Joel Glitner, and Dani Smitty Bang Allwein for their kindness in allowing me to use their photos for this article.

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"My favorite skater. I don't think most people will never understand what she has done for roller derby in Wyoming. She has modeled most all of the capidolls into the skaters we are today. Held my hand and never gave up on me. I hate jamming because of her, she's all over you. She's one of my best friends and I'm so glad she's my big sister. Vixn is MVP I can't think of anyone better." ~ Bisco Fever

"Vix is a huge part of the reason I love being on the Capidolls. She's compassionate and skillful, doing all she can to help out skaters on every skill level, and include them in the social aspect of the team. She's on top of the responsibilities given to her by the league, and she's an absolute GODDESS on the track. She can block, she can jam, she can run practices. She's inspirational. And unfortunately, she's taking a derby hiatus after this season." ~ Debbie Mercury

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