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2013 Wyoming Roller Derby All Star: Sadie Godiva

2013 Wyoming Roller Derby All Star: Sadie Godiva
2013 Wyoming Roller Derby All Star: Sadie Godiva
Photo courtesy of Chris Bojanower

The next skater voted to the 2013 Wyoming Roller Derby All Star roster is Sadie Godiva, who previously skated with the Jackson Hole Juggernauts located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Sadie also skated on the first charter team of Wyoming, the Cheyenne Capidolls in 2013. Sadie made the 2012 Wyoming Roller Derby All Star roster, in 2013 she jumped up the list, as she tied for MVP votes with Venus V1xn and the 2013 Utah Roller Derby All Star MVP, and received the second most overall votes.

"This lady lives and breathes derby. She travels great distances to help others bout and her blocking skills are AMAZING! She can singly block any jammer she's put up against. She's truly fierce on the track!" ~ Anon

"Amazing blocker, adept at learning new strategy, and constantly striving to teach her team new things." ~ Rhonda Gauntlet

"Sadie is a great advocate for derby in Wyoming and has spent a lot of time traveling, learning, expanding her derby knowledge and sharing with others. Each time she skates, she is better than the time before and is certainly one of the best skaters in the state." ~ Anon

"Contributes so much to derby within the state." ~ BrownEyedNonameSlob

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