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2013 Wyoming Roller Derby All Star: Maiden Payne

2013 Wyoming Roller Derby All Star: Maiden Payne
Photo Courtesy of: Jeff Miller of WyoPhoto

The first Wyoming skater voted to the 'top 14' of the 2013 Wyoming Roller Derby All Stars is Maiden Payne. Last year, Maiden made the list in the Reserves, this year she has risen to the final roster, and for great cause. Maiden is an amazing skater, an avid derby enthusiast, and is one of the most active traveling skaters in the state. Maiden has sported different jerseys this year, including the Casper's Deadly Ghosts as well as the Cheyenne Capidolls, where Maiden was a part of the first charter team in the state.

"Maiden has been to EVERY boot camp in the area, skates every opportunity she can and is tenacious even when she has a hard time learning a skill. She is a great blocker and just a sweet, humble, helpful person." ~ Dangerex

"Payne is a strong double threat both for Casper's Deadly Ghosts and the Capidolls Stars, the only WFTDA charter team in the state. Fast, skilled, and hard hitting." ~ Anon

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