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2013 Wyoming Roller Derby All Star: Debbie Mercury

Wyoming 2013 Roller Derby All Star, Debbie Mercury, lays it into the opposing jammer.
Wyoming 2013 Roller Derby All Star, Debbie Mercury, lays it into the opposing jammer.
Photo Courtesy of: Media Makes Memories

Next in the 2013 Wyoming Roller Derby All Star Roster is Debbie Mercury, a skater who enjoys skating so much, she has filled many league rosters in her career. Most recently, Mercury was one of the skaters in Wyoming to make the first WFTDA Charter for the Cheyenne Capidolls. Currently off skates due to injury, Mercury still remains active in the derby world, announcing at bouts, while also continuing to organize the 2014 Wyoming Roller Derby Cup. This is Debbie Mercury's first year on the Wyoming Roller Derby All Star roster.

"She is an all around BAMF! Mad blocking skills, jams when she is needed, always there to support her team (on the track and off). This girl is unstoppable. She has only been skating a little more than a year (couldn't even stand up on skates before that) and made the cut for Wyoming's only WFTDA league when tryouts were opened up to all Wyoming players. This girl needs some recognition." ~ Charmaniac

"Mercury has worked with three teams in the state, and thanks to her dedication to roller derby, she made it onto the charter team for the Cheyenne Capidolls. She was sadly injured this summer, but the injury didn't stop her from participating in the sport in whatever capacity she can (in fact, she is a great announcer!). She has also put in tireless efforts to organize the first Wyoming Roller Derby Cup happening in 2014, and will be serving as the games director. The tournament wouldn't be happening without her, and I don't think we have a more dedicated skater than Mercury in Wyoming." ~ Shake 'n Break

"The very first words I ever spoke to Mercury were, 'Please tell me your name is a tribute to Freddie Mercury!' as a P.S. in an email. From that moment on, Mercury and I became fast friends. She is a lovely person, extremely dedicated to derby, and motivated to further the sport in the state. I was very happy to skate alongside Mercury as a Cheyenne Capidolls charter member, and while seeing Mercury is always a blessing, having skated against her as well - it's better when she wears your colors. The girl has a mighty fine.....hit! Much love for Mercury, one of the most deserving in the state of this nod." ~ Sadie Godiva

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