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2013 Wyoming Roller Derby All Star: Bisco Fever

2013 Wyoming Roller Derby All Star: Bisco Fever executes her signature move against the opposing jammer.
2013 Wyoming Roller Derby All Star: Bisco Fever executes her signature move against the opposing jammer.
Photo by: Dana Allwein (Smitty Bang)

The next skater voted to the 2013 Wyoming Roller Derby All Star roster is Bisco Fever, who skates as a Cheyenne Capidoll, based in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Bisco was one of the first skaters in the state to skate on a charter team with the first WFTDA affiliated team; this is her second year making the Wyoming Roller Derby All Stars.

"I absolutely adore Bisco. This is a woman that has a heart at last two sizes bigger than anyone I know. Like so many derby girls, she had little skating skill when she started. With tireless determination, she has become one of the most amazing skaters that I have the privilege to skate with. When I think of her on the track, the words fierce, tenacious, and intimidating come to mind. At league scrimmage, I always groan in trepidation when she is on the other 'team'. She is team captain for the Capidolls, an integral part of our WFTDA charter, a coach for our junior league, and part of the glue that keeps our league functioning. Off the track, Bisco is a dedicated wife, mommy to the cutest little pug ever, and a friend that anyone would be lucky to have." ~ Charmaniac

"Don’t let here size full you. She is a force to reckoned with. She is one of the best blockers I know. She knows how to use those little hips of hers, and boy do they hurt. She also coaches the Cheyenne Fronterrors Junior Derby team. She also spends a lot of time helping other skaters and our league." ~ Anon

"Bisco is one of those skaters than makes you excited to be at practice. She's the perfect mixture of supportive and bubbly that, skating with or against her will always leave a smile on your face. When someone's always happy to be skating, that will often rub off. She's also great at giving back, evidenced by her excellent work with the Cheyenne Fronterror's Junior Derby League. Also, as a blocker, when she's jamming you get a little put of dread in your stomach, because you know stopping her from getting through the pack will be a battle." ~ Debbie Mercury

And, just because this was one of the cutest nominations I've seen this year:

"My MVP would be Bisco fever from the capidolls because well she is my wife and I think she's a total badass." ~ John R.

Now cue the 'awwww' audio track.

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