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2013 Virginias All-Stars: The Alternates

Waiting for her prey
Waiting for her prey
Hector Prieto

Virginias! Here are your ‘alternates’ for the 2013 All Star team.

of NOVA Roller Derby
Hector Prieto

Each skater on the list was voted for by fans. These skaters tied for 15th & 16th. While I have skated with one during a practice, I have not gotten to watch either one bout. Activate the power of looking at photos and learning a skating style!

(I tell you what: you want to improve your sense of observation and derby analysis? Help me write articles. It has improved my analytics skills more than I can explain.) Also, giant pink mohawks really help me identify skaters in packs. So that was at least easy!

C U Next Tuesday – NOVA Roller Derby

Tuesday is a bit intimidating on the floor. Not just because of her size or the Mohawk stuck to her helmet, but because of how unafraid she is. Tuesday goes on autopilot when she has a goal and she works until she has accomplished that goal. As she is becoming more experienced, she is learning how to really leverage her body to control and dominate the opposition. Her style is slowly shifting from huge power-shoulder-hits to huge power-hips-that-lock-your-legs. Look for her next season ripping up the track on Battlefield Roller Derby.

Liz Vicious – Jewel City Rollergirls

This is a name I have heard now and again over the course of the last two years. I have not had a chance to watch Jewel City skate, so I can’t say for sure how Liz interacts with her team mates or what small quirks she has, but I can say from the photos that she focuses on position. She stays at the top of a wall and she does not move from her place. From what I am seeing, she is a brick in any wall and also appears to be a pivotal piece of communication for Jewel City’s defense. Many skaters get so overeager to drop out of a wall to make a hit, but Liz seems to understand that to be an exceptional blocker she must be strong and patient - so that is what she does.

Thank you King Photography and Hector Prieto for the photography in this article!

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