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2013 Virginia All-Stars: Forty Ounce Bounce

Here is your first 'roster' skater for the Virginias' All-Star team: from River City Rollergirls, Forty Ounce Bounce.

Forty Ounce Bounce - River City Rollergirls-slide0
River City Rollergirls
Doing her thing
A Boy Named Tsunami

Seeing Forty Ounce Bounce on the track or in a crowd makes my heart happy.

Ok, let’s be fair: seeing her on the jam line next to me is not as happy. I know she’s going to swing at me to try and knock me out of bounds before she effortlessly slides through a wall to achieve lead jammer. And really, even if you avoid her once – you only avoid her ONCE.

A picture of exuberance on skates, Bounce is known as one of the After Party favorites of River City Rollergirls (actually, I think RCR is reining After Party Champs of WFTDA at this point). When she’s not killing it at the after party, or being the main Cheer Squad at Divisionals in Richmond, she is on skates blocking hard, skating fast and jumping apexes like she was a figure skater.

As a jammer, she is unafraid to attack a wall with gusto, and because she is such an adept blocker, she is able to use her hips to pry holes open for herself. As a blocker, dat azz moves as its own unit and can cover half the track completely solo. It almost looks like Bounce does not have to work, because her hips are doing all the work for her (“Don’t worry, Bounce... just skate, we got this. We’re going to make you look AWESOME.”)

Roller derby loves you, Forty Ounce Bounce, and you are welcome to skate on my ECDX Challenge team any time you want.

Thank you Tyler Shaw, A Boy Named Tsunami & JPaden Photography for the photography in this article!

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