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2013 Utah Roller Derby All Star MVP: Pfister

2013 Utah Roller Derby All Star MVP: Pfister.
2013 Utah Roller Derby All Star MVP: Pfister.
Photo Courtesy of Jason Santti

We have finally reached the end of the 2013 Utah Roller Derby All Star roster, and it is no surprise that the MVP from Utah, as voted on by all of you, is Melanie Pfister. Pfister currently skates with the Junction City Roller Dolls in Ogden, Utah as well as being one of the members selected to skate for Team USA. Thanks to Chris Bojanower, Pixel This Photography, and StrokerEgo for use of their photos.

"She is amazing!" ~ Anon

"Melanie is the most dedicated, talented, powerful menace on the track in all of Utah. She is smart, a great teammate, and has the attitude of a champion. She has only been skating with WRD for 2 seasons I absolutely HATE playing against her, or even pairing up on drills, she gives 150% all of time. She also has recently made the cut for Team USA for 2014, so if that doesn't showcase her amazingness, I am not sure what will!" ~ Vulgar Vixen

"Insane on the track, good insane." ~ Anon

"She recently made team USA. I think I don't need to say anything else, but I am... She is so fierce on the track! Kicks the crap out of anyone who is in her jammers way. She is a force I tell you!" ~ Anon

"Mel is simply one of the best derby players I've ever skated with or against in eight years of playing derby all over the country. She is fierce, tough, and above all, relentless. She was recently named to Team USA for the 2014 World Cup and is likely the most feared player in Utah." ~ Lady Shatterly

"This girl is intense!" ~ Anon

"I have always felt that she is one of the best derby players I have ever seen. I had an instant derby crush on her because of her insane passion on the track. She was everywhere! As soon as I thought I finally got past her... THERE SHE WAS AGAIN!!! And now she has proven what I knew all along by making team USA! Plain and simple, she, is, amazing!" ~ Chiquita WaBamYa

If you have anything about Pfister you would like to add, please send me an email by clicking here.

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