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2013 Utah Roller Derby All Star: Malibu Harpy

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The next skater voted to the 2013 Utah Roller Derby All Star roster is Malibu Harpy from the Junction City Roller Dolls located in Ogden, Utah. Malibu tied for MVP votes with ColonelSkirts and the 2013 Utah Roller Derby All Star MVP, and received the second most overall votes.

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"Malibu, my co-captain this season, is JCRD's own little Wonder Woman. This girl leads by example with her persistence. To all aspiring derby girls: admire this all star jammer and know that she spent a year on fresh meat and her first season on Trainwrecks as a bench warmer- and did both with a team-supporting positive attitude. If only more skaters shared her sense of teamwork over "me time" ~ Canadian Bacon

"I have seen Malibu play, with a focused team ideal and through determination I feel that she deserves this. As a jammer she is a literal terrorist on the floor." ~ Anon

"I hold the positions of fresh meat mama and co-captain of the B team. I can trust Malibu to respond with empathy and compassion when we have skater relation issues. She offers her ideas and suggestions to me with no pressure for me to run my team her way. She has many times offered her own personal time to non-bench-warming skater on our All-Star team. Not only is she a good teammate, I consider her a good friend with a hilarious sense of humor, amazing artistic talents, and some kind of magic that prevents her from ever having helmet hair- ever." ~ Bee-a-tricks

"BuBu is a one-of-a-kind lady and skater! I am so thankful to have her as not only a teammate and captain but also a good friend. When she's not being a ballerina jammer on the track she's sitting there off the track explaining flaws and inconsistencies in the latest season of Comic Book Men. She has worked endlessly through countless injuries & set backs all while getting a degree to become the role model that she is today for future skaters! She's strong, powerful, resilient & has won JCRDs best hair award 2 years in a row!! Junction City is very lucky to have a Wonder Woman like Malibu Harpy jamming for us!!" ~ Mayhem Miller

"Another hard skater who never gives up. Gets better every bout. And her hair looks Marvelous" ~ Chris Bojanower

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