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2013 Utah Roller Derby All Star: Chiquita WaBamYa

2013 Utah Roller Derby All Star: Chiquita WaBamYa
Photo Courtesy of: Jason Santti

The next skater voted to the 2013 Utah Roller Derby All Stars is Chiquita WaBamYa from Wasatch Roller Derby located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

"Not only is she always a crowd favorite, but she is always such an effective blocker. When she jams she always has a smile. She is very talented and she never gives up. She's definitely my favorite." ~ Anon

"She's Awesome. My favorite jammer, though she is now becoming my favorite blocker as well." ~ Anon

"I have followed her since she began and she has become such an awesome player. Also every time I've talked to her she has been so pleasant. I really, really, like her!" ~Anon

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