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2013 Trophee Eric Bompard play-by-play/results/videos: Men's free skate

Men's free (FINAL)
1. Patrick Chan CAN - 295.27 WATCH
2. Yuzuru Hanyu JPN - 263.59 WATCH
3. Jason Brown USA - 243.09 WATCH
4. Han Yan CHN - 214.23 WATCH
5. Michal Brezina CZE - 206.22 WATCH
6. Nan Song CHN - 204.73 WATCH
7. Florent Amodio FRA - 191.13 WATCH
8. Alexander Majorov SWE - 180.62 WATCH

Yuzuru Hanyu (JPN), Patrick Chan (CAN), Jason Brown (USA) at the 2013 Trophee Eric Bompard
Yuzuru Hanyu (JPN), Patrick Chan (CAN), Jason Brown (USA) at the 2013 Trophee Eric Bompard
Getty Images/Dean Mouhtaropoulos
Patrick Chan (CAN) at the 2013 Skate Canada International
Getty Images/Dave Sandford

QUAD COUNT: 9 attempted (Majorov toe, Song toe, Brezina sal, Brezina sal, Amodio sal, Yan toe, Hanyu toe, Chan toe, Chan toe), 3 clean (Yan toe, Chan toe, Chan toe)

Patrick Chan CAN - quad toe-triple toe (beauty), quad toe, triple axel, triple lutz-half loop-triple salchow, triple lutz, triple loop, triple flip-double toe, double axel - TES 100.25, PCS 96.50, FS SCORE 196.75, TOTAL SCORE 295.27

Yuzuru Hanyu JPN - single salchow (hand down), quad toe (fall), triple flip, triple axel-triple toe, triple axel-double toe, triple loop, triple lutz-half loop-triple salchow, triple lutz - TES 87.28, PCS 81.94, FALL -1.00, FS SCORE 168.22, TOTAL SCORE 263.59

Jason Brown USA - double axel, triple axel (two-foot)-double toe, single axel (scrapped his free foot on the ice before he took off, never got off the ice), triple lutz-half loop-triple salchow, triple flip-triple toe, double axel, triple Tano lutz, triple loop - TES 78.20, PCS 80.12, FS SCORE 158.32, TOTAL SCORE 243.09

Han Yan CHN - triple axel (fall), quad toe-triple toe, triple flip-double toe, triple loop (foot down, hand down), triple lutz-double toe-single loop, triple flip-single toe, single lutz, triple salchow - TES 61.39, PCS 69.50, FALL -1.00, FS SCORE 129.89, TOTAL SCORE 214.23

Florent Amodio FRA - triple salchow, quad salchow (fall), triple axel (fall, actually landed fine but stepped down and fell), double axel, bailed out on the setup to his loop, double lutz, triple salchow, double lutz - TES 48.90, PCS 70.58, FALLS -2.00, FS SCORE 117.48, TOTAL SCORE 191.13

Michal Brezina CZE - quad salchow (turn out)-double toe, triple axel, quad salchow (fall), triple axel-triple toe (fall), single flip, triple loop, triple lutz, single salchow-double toe - TES 66.13, PCS 70.18, FALLS -2.00, FS SCORE 134.31, TOTAL SCORE 206.22

Nan Song CHN - triple toe-triple toe, quad toe (step out, hand down), triple axel-double toe, triple axel (hangs on), triple lutz-double toe, triple loop (foot down), triple salchow, double axel - TES 70.85, PCS 62.52, FS SCORE 133.37, TOTAL SCORE 204.73

Alexander Majorov SWE - quad toe (hand down, step out), single lutz-triple toe, triple loop, single lutz-double toe-double toe, triple axel (hangs on), triple flip (fall), triple salchow, double axel - TES 59.62, PCS 62.28, FALL -1.00, FS SCORE 120.90, TOTAL SCORE 180.62

Pregame analysis: One can only hope that the top four can do exactly what they did yesterday - skate lights-out and clean in their programs (well, ok, Yan had a step out). Lots of quads today, as usual - I count 10-13 planned. Brown could certainly continue to play the role of the spoiler if he skates clean (but he didn't do that at Skate America when he had a golden opportunity). Chan and Hanyu should be battling for the gold - for me, Chan has the more complete free skate of the two.

Men's short: Videos/play-by-play/results

Skate order
- Alexander Majorov SWE - 59.72
- Nan Song CHN - 71.36
- Michal Brezina CZE - 71.91
- Florent Amodio FRA - 73.65
- Han Yan CHN - 84.34
- Jason Brown USA - 84.77
- Yuzuru Hanyu JPN - 95.37
- Patrick Chan CAN - 98.52

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