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2013 Sunburst Convention contacts and attracts celebrity impersonators (Photos)

On Nov. 16, 2013, a reminder was sent out to all, including, concerning The Sunburst Convention of Celebrity Impersonators and Tribute Artists Convention to be held in Orlando, Fla. The event will be from Nov. 20-24.

Sunburst Convention
Chris America
The Sunburst Convention
Photo: Michael Cairns

According to Sunburst, many talented entertainers will be in attendance for this event.

"In celebrity style, multiple celebrity impersonators, lookalikes and tribute artists, as well as agents, producers, talent buyers and more, will be arriving to the Florida Hotel and Conference Center in Orlando from all over the country, if not countries!"

Producer Greg M. Thompson, of The Sunburst Convention, with wife, Jackie, are currently busy preparing for the event.

"This is the 11th Sunburst Convention, and it has been held every year in Orlando. It has also been hosted each year by us plus a team of 'experts!'" - The Thompsons

After more than a decade of producing such a convention, the Thompsons, and the Sunburst Team, have a healthy handle on what works!

"To see just what is involved with such an event, the tip of the iceberg that is, go to our website, The Sunburst Covention."

For a sampling of the talent that will be in attendance at Sunburst go to Artists. One can also find them on Facebook. Make sure and visit the slideshow to see more artists and other images related to the celeb impersonator business.

"There has even been a film, 'Just About Famous,' made about us (lookalikes), webcasts, a TV show, books, numerous articles, on CNN, and another film, 'Part 2,' is in production!

Feel free to visit more links within this article to get a better idea of what this convention is all about. Better yet, come to Sunburst and see for yourself!" - The Sunburst Convention Rep

This year will be the tenth time has attended Sunburst. Here are a few of the many celebrity tribute talent (singers, comedians, actors, dancers, agents, producers...) seen at Sunburst and/or who will or might be in attendance this year - Bob Hope, Michael Jackson, Cher, Madonna, James Bond, Sci-Fi characters, Willie Nelson, President GW Bush, President Clinton, President Obama, Bette Davis, Lucille Ball, Austin Powers, George Carlin, Roseanne Barr, Pee Wee Herman, Whitney Houston, Danny DeVito, Jack Nicholson, Rodney Dangerfield, Dr. Phil, Oprah, George Michael, Martha Stewart, Lady GaGa, Clint Eastwood, John Travolta, Barbra Striesand, Joan Rivers, Dame Edna, Robert Redford, Sandra Bullock, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Elvis, Forrest Gump, Neil Diamond, Louie Armstrong, Tom Jones, Angelina Jolie, Ed Sullivan, Rod Stewart, Charlie Chaplin, Whoopi, Audrey Hepburn, Betty Boop, Johnny Depp, Tiger Woods, and more.

Michael Cairns will be the photographer at the convention. Many of his shots are included in the slideshow.

Enjoy the video clip above, under The Sunburst Convention image, on "Attractions in Orlando, Fla."

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