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2013 Snoqualmie Sauvignon Blanc

Long story short, the 2013 Snoqualmie Sauvignon Blanc is a classic example of what this grape was before the Sauv Blanc from New Zealand poured into our marketplace. One thing I really like about Snoqualmie wine is their adherence to the varietal on the label. As evidence check out the video from Wine Press Northwest for a good look at what Snoqualmie Vineyard tries to do with wine as told by their winemaker, Joy Anderson. It is a bit dated, but if anything they have held firmly to the path she outlines in the video. Now onto the wine.

Pouring a very light and clear white gold in the glass, the nose is a melody of tropical fruit. While the bouquet does not pour forth out of the glass, it is does have enough substance that one can linger and appreciate the fruit without great effort. A pleasant surprise to this reviewer was that the flavor profile has little of the grass or herbal notes that have come to be associated with the Sauvignon Blanc grape over the years. Instead it has a blend of lime dominated citrus, sweet apple and peach. While that would seem to be a jarring contrast of flavors, in this wine each fruit comes together in a way that moves smoothly across the palate and ends with a touch of sweetness before the clean line of acidity that left me begging for another sip.

The quality in this wine made my night on its own, but it also would pair nicely with a light meal or appetizer course during our hot summer weather. Salads such as Greek or Caesar would play well with this wine. However, for those who enjoy a plate of sushi, but are looking to move past the classic sparkling wine partner try the Snoqualmie Sauv Blanc with Noiri rolls. While there is a wider sushi universe that would be the best match in my opinion. Not a fan of sushi, consider the ever popular spinach-artichoke dip with veggies as something to snack on at your next get together, this wine would go beautifully with the veggies and the acidity will help cut the creaminess and encourage you to have another bite, a great way to get your veggies. Just a few suggestions for you to consider, but the only limit is your own palate, so play around with this wine, Sauvignon Blanc has a reputation as a tough wine to pair with food, but this wine brings that view into question.

You may have to request this wine at your favorite stores, Snoqualmie is a solid brand that has been gaining momentum of late with the concern over grape growing practices, however after the recession many places have reduced inventory and carry only a limited selection of Sauvignon Blanc these days and Snoqualmie seems to be a brand that too often gets left out. When you do find it expect to pay $8 to $10, a price point fits well into the value range for most people and also one which will give you a good value for the money spent. The bottom line, for those who like the traditional style of this grape and its refreshing quality the 2013 Snoqualmie Sauvignon Blanc will not let you down. I loved it!

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