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2013 in review: The hottest looks that drive us to the spa

We are inspired to have the formed arms that Michelle can display in fashionable sleeve-less outfits.
We are inspired to have the formed arms that Michelle can display in fashionable sleeve-less outfits.
Getty photo by Kevin Dietsch

One of the biggest reasons we get spa treatments is to stay on top of our games and look good. The celebrities in the media motivate us when we see them on the covers of magazines, TV and on gossip shows. We ask our stylists to give us that "Rihanna look" then run to the gyms to get Kim K's and Beyonce's booties. Estheticians have to bring out their skills to offer the best skin treatments on the market. We seek all over Chicago and beyond for the make-up person do our eyebrows, lashes and give us that sexy look.

Based on Chicago Spa Treatment Examiner (CSTE) and the top of Google searches there is a list of the top "most talked about" celebrities who inspire us the most and encourage us to get our spa treatments regularly. As we go into 2014 these are the people who inspire us the most to seek the best spa treatments, gyms and salons.

1. Best fit arms -
CSTE's pick: Michelle Obama's arms
Google's top search: Top 10 celeb arms include Michelle O, Demi Moore and more. (Read full list)

2. Best abs -
CSTE's pick: Mary J. Blige's abs
Google's top search on Gwen Stefani

3. Best legs and booty -
CSTE's pick: Beyonce's legs & booty
Google's top search for booty: Kim Kardashian
For legs: First pic to show up on Google was Carmen Electra

4. Best hair cut -
CSTE's pick: Actress from Hunger games new cut - Jennifer Lawrence
On Google according to ELLE magazine Anne Hathaway's cropped cut was on top.

5. Best Eyebrows -
CSTE and Google both agree on Kim Kardashian.

6. Best dress celebrity of 2013
CSTE fav was Rhianna's dress from American Music Awards. There were lots of tweets and comments on her hair, but I thought her full ensemble was beautiful.
Google showed Glamour's choice: Victoria Beckham is one of the top best dressed celebrities of 2013.

7. Most beautiful seasoned women (women who are aging gracefully):
CSTE's pick: Angela Basset, Cindy Crawford and Christine Brinkley
Google's hot choices included: Michelle Pfeiffer, Cindy Crawford and Christine Brinkley

8. Best looking couple
CSTE's pick: Barack Obama and Michelle Obama
Google agrees: Men's Health magazine picked Barack and Michelle.

9. Best after baby body
CSTE's pick: Snooki
Google: Gisele Bundchen

10. Best glowing skin:
CSTE's pick: Halle Berry
Google: Demi Moore

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