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2013 Reptile & Amphibian Law Symposium & Workshop

Snakes, like this California kingsnake, are the target of legislation.
Snakes, like this California kingsnake, are the target of legislation.
Holli Friedland

NRAAC Chairman Jeff Barringer and USARK President Phil Goss recently announced the 2013 Reptile & Amphibian Law Symposium & Workshop taking place at George Washington University in DC from November 8-10, 2013. Mark your calendar now for this important event. The symposium is vital to the community due to the huge amount of anti-reptile and amphibian legislation that is being proposed all over the country. The event is free to attend, but you need to reserve space as seating is limited.

While reptile, amphibian and other exotic pet enthusiasts worked in Maryland over the past several years to try and help pet owners keep the animals they love, organizations and anti-exotic activists have been trying to sabotage those efforts. All pets are at risk, not just reptiles and amphibians. Many exotic pets including monkeys, foxes, skunks, caimans, dog hybrids (wolf/dog hybrids) and cat hybrids (ocicats and Savannah cats) have already been outlawed in Maryland.

It is much easier to stop a law before it is passed than to try to repeal it afterwards. Attending this symposium in November is a good idea if you are worried that your own animals might soon be outlawed.

The panelists of the symposium include many officers of reptile and amphibian welfare organizations, PIJAC (Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council), a representative of AZA (Association of Zoos a2013 Reptile & Amphibian Law Symposium & Workshopnd Aquariums) and government agencies. Private businesses, hobbyist breeders and concerned citizens are encouraged to attend.

The symposium will be located at George Washington University, Foggy Bottom Campus, Lerner Hall Room LL101, 2000 H Street, Washington D.C. 20052.