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2013 PA All-Stars: Teflon Donna

I love Teflon Donna. To me she absolutely embodies the ideals of sportsmanship, dedication and consistency. There may have been new names on Philly this season. There might have been a lot of attention on different names, up-and-comers, or skaters that have been carving a place for themselves.

In front of Angel City
In front of Angel City
Tyler Shaw - Prints Charming
ECDX's closest bout of 2013
Tyler Shaw - Prints Charming

But Teflon Donna remains the solid pillar of strong defense and sharp game play that she always has. She adapts to new strategies easily, she is able to read the way the game is evolving and move with it. As the rest of us are adapting our blocking to keep up with the game, she is a skater creating the changes. Her hits are powerful, her timing is precise and she is still fun as hell to watch jam. When you watch her in real time, all you can see is pure control in her blocking. When you look at photos, it is astounding at how her body position is always balanced and her hips are always in front or working to be in front of jammers.

Also, watching her and Shenita Stretcher work together is just plain fun.

She garners respect from all level of skater for her work ethic and her love of the sport. Team USA bound once more, it is no surprise to me that I got to put a spotlight on the glory of Teflon Donna.

Thank you Tyler Shaw for the photography in this article!

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