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2013 PA All-Stars: Jocelyn Bassler

When I say that Jocelyn Bassler (or ‘Jocie’ to her team mates) is a primary leader of the Dutchland Rollers, I mean beyond coaching and captaining. Jocie is always setting an example for her team mates with her commitment, intensity and attitude. She is teacher, mentor and friend to all levels of skater Dutchland.

Joc used her quick feet to get by tough opponents
Mr McWheeley
Fun on the bank track
JPaden Photography

Jocie is impossible to thwart on the track. At Spring Roll, one announcer called her an Energizer Bunny simply for her tenacity when jamming. She is light on her skates, but knows how to break before being pushed out of bounds. She is masterful at redirecting her body’s momentum to her best advantage. Her footwork and ability to keep her power pushing forward is amazing. It is so much fun to watch her dance through packs and along the line. In games, she is always doing tricks that she's even impressed with. In practice, she's always pushing her limits to see what she can do next.

As a blocker, she may be little but she does damage: she has a very strong plow and can opener combo. Even if she may not take you off your skates, she will knock you backwards and, at minimum, your momentum is stopping. Her lateral motion could be the strongest on her team; she's learned how to take up the entire track with her body since she doesn't have the height advantage of her team mates.

I really cannot say enough on what a spectacular person and team mate Jocelyn is. She is a blast to watch when she plays and she comes out of every game with something she's learned. I'm excited to see where she leads Dutchland in 2014.

Jocie was also a member of Team Rogue this season that placed 2nd at the Derby Ink bank track invitational, and she appears on the PA All-Star team. She was a member of the squad that took 1st place at the recent Battle of the All Stars.

Check out the Dutchland Rollers on Facebook to follow their 2014 season.

Thank you Juan Paden, David A Carter, Jim Rhoades, Mr. McWheeley and Rick Odell for the photography in this article!

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